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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

I found this article very interesting. To me, it represents a collective approach to understanding the current state of our society and how we got here. It also points to some answers to the questions I have had about why people in this country are so blase and seemingly unaware of the world around them.

Would love to know what you think about it.

Check out the story here.

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Comment by The Dreaming People on April 9, 2010 at 8:37pm

Social Pathology | The Zeitgeist Movement | NYC 2010 ZDAY from peter joseph on Vimeo.

Dear Architects,
We'd like to add this clip to our comment below - you also can visit TOMACA('MAYSHA)GOVAN's page
(comments) to watch it...and it's recommended to develop own insights coming up while watching it....
one love dp
Comment by The Dreaming People on March 9, 2010 at 8:07pm

...well - America is indeed in transformative doubt about that. And the rest of the planet is observing.America in mutation mode.But the regulating system model is everywhere the same.Americas problems are the world problems also...America is just a glaring reflector. And this well done and good intended psychological analysis explains a little bit the psychic mechanism...but the problems are far more complex. Being born and raised in any country/nation you start to run on programs. Over the years these programs model the person you are. People and books(we didn't overlook the media:-) ) in general telling you who you are.

And...did you ever question it?

"Look - you're a man." "I'm a man?Is that true?And what is that anyway - a man?" "Look - you have these marked genitals down there....that makes you a man." "But i thought i'm a human being. And what is that actually..." Good Question.

What have these programs told us - and is it true(essential,substantial)? Are we....americans (africans, asians, europeans... aso...)?

Are we.... patriots(citizens,nationalists,democrats,republicans.fundamentalists,

What is... mine?

What belongs to me?My money...?

Is that the truth?

Are we....
Is that true?

......only because we absorbed these “ programs” doesn't make them automatically elementary.

And here are these violent systems to rule over us,respectively over what we believe we are....mothers,fathers.,children,men,women, races,nations,cultures,religions,criminals,legalists,employees,un-employed,winners,loosers...carbonizing these assumptions we have about us.
Can these sort of systems ever bring peace – having seriously this aspiration ?Aren't they designed to rather polarize?

Well – proponents of these systems of course have the point “peace” on their agendas.So we ask following question:

...creating a foundation for peace in this world..
isn't the first task then to look for equal life quality for e v e r y o n e on the planet(not only the “ own”country,people)? And all “nations”make that the number one issue? How is it possible to even think about peace/balance if there are human beings out there starving to death?...?

Balance – equilibrium – equality - p e a c e – is this really the agenda of the established society systems?......?

The time is there to start really scrutinizing our inner scripts telling us what life is. For everyone. Let's pose questions.

Who a r e you,americans.

Who a r e you,world.

Who a r e we. dp


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