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A Late 19th Century South Loop Basement At Night.

By Barek Halfand

The 1890’s era South Loop building is preternaturally dark against the scarlet city sky …while the streets are quiet and parking spaces are plentiful as the city sleeps, there is a sense of heightened awareness you feel when you are downtown after midnight …

Reminiscent of the Burnham style architecture of the time, it represents an urban renaissance that helped bring the 1893 Columbian Exposition World Fair to Chicago …Over 120 years ago when the bricks where being laid at this location; another structure was rising a little farther south in the Englewood district which bore strikingly similar features …The H.H. Holmes Murder Castle….

The entity sulks in the caliginous sodden sub-basement amid the rusted iron support beams, broken bricks and crumbling concrete…I am alone and already uneasy in the 2 am stillness beneath the city streets …sometimes they coalesce into human form, sometimes they smolder as an inert black mist…this tormented soul suffers many stages of manifestation…

The guile of control over his stages of incarnation seems to figure prominently in his human shades of denial while the cold stone walls remain impassive all these years.

Here is the photo album (edited for color and clarity):


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