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About experiencing Carlos Live ~ I have a question if You please

I am some kinda excited! I finally get to experience Carlos live on July 28th in Charlotte NC!!! how glory! ( Its been a dream for ohh say 40 + years now and well I would just like to know from Others out there if You have seen Carlos live and some thoughts on how that experience was for You.
Thank You for Your time and input , a smile and a well wish from Meta~

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Comment by Lorenzo Abbiati on April 17, 2010 at 6:13am
Dearest friend Meta.
Carlos live is the best sound, vibrancy and resonance experience possible in today's music international panorama.
It's even better than in records because he combinates different insertions of songs into other songs.
The schedule of the concert is practically unpredictable and is a complete surprise.
I know that someway part of the schedule is decided at moment according to Carlos' own inclination.
This gives him the possibility to play with the hearth almost for the whole show despite some space is left for his latest world hits (especially in the second part)
So his shows really electrify your soul especially if you are prospicient and have the humility to go beyond sound which is always kept excellent.
Lucky to see him live this year because great part of the work has to be spent by him in the studio for a new record that i hope will be still full of poewer and energy to give us further and resonating inspiration.

Deepest peace and satisfation 4 you Meta.


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