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Activating Our Solar Magnetism ~ I Am Avatar Yoga ~ Children of the Sun

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I AM Avatar Yoga



Opening Channels to the Great Central Sun
Building Group Antahkarana
Activating our Solar Magnetism
Activating our Instant Manifestation Ability

Planetary Grid Transmissions ~ February 7 and 21, 2012


We must acknowledge our infinite Source of Power
and realize our ability to manifest instantaneously
before we can actualize anything else this year.
Tiara Kumara, Children of the Sun

The SUN is our Source of Power

Stand Strong within the incoming Solar Energies!

The solar radiance currently pouring through the unified field contains some the most activating frequencies we have ever experienced as an evolving race. This supernal force is the result of a progressive climactic alignment of our Earth body and physical Sun with the galactic center, and then, with the universal core of creation, the Great Central Sun.

This tri-union is an extraordinary celestial event and the catalytic reason why so many of us are taking greater responsibility to courageously follow our true heart's calling. As our group momentum continues to build at such an incredible pace, we are now called to place our FULL and undivided attention on the manifesting source of all power and the origin of our solar being.

During this month of February, we are:

* Activating our absolute alignment with the Great Central Sun
* Opening communication channels with our Great Central Sun Family
* Activating and Building our Group Antahkarana
* Activating our Great Central Sun Magnetic Presence
* Activating our ability to Manifest Instantaneously

Journey to the Great Central Sun
Activation of our Solar Magnetism

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We are Solar Beings from the Great Central Sun


The Great Central Sun forms the body of God and fills the universe with both the presence and the absence of the ALL. It is the consciousness focal point and the force that creates, coheres, magnetizes, stores, emits, and elicits all other forms of energy within itself.

All the planets and stars in interstellar space are composed of this electronic substance through which constantly flows the rhythmic breath of the spiritual First Cause of all creation, which is the centralized heart-mind of this particular universal scheme. Through the Great Central Sun come the smaller suns, of which our physical sun is one.

Each soul on Earth is a spark of light created by this Source and is that which we refer to as Father-Mother God. The Great Central Sun is the distributing center through which the soul light flows and is one with every individual's I AM Presence. THIS is where our origin of existence and power lies. Each and every one of us is a Sun in embryo.

Our I AM Presence is our Solar Self, the part of us that is always with God in the core of the Great Central Sun. It is our Solar Self that illuminates us, transmuting our pain and fear, blazing through any vestiges of separative consciousness as the full actualization of unity consciousness now reunites us with our Source.

Our Return

In this unprecedented shift of the ages and particularly in this year of 2012... several earth, galactic and universal cycles are completing, in unison, as all of the universe aligns and ascends on the great in-breath of God out from the Great Central Sun.

Assisting us in this grand return are increasing waves of cosmic solar energy, emanating from the galactic core. All of this intense solar radiation that we are experiencing is a result of our physical sun's role as a stepped-down transformer and mediator of the galactic center's energy to the Earth.

These very intense, high frequency rays/flares/bursts from the Sun are the highest vibration that human mortals can receive and use in order to successfully accomplish this extraordinary dimensional shift of conscious perception. Let's embrace this extraordinary opportunity!




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Establishing Contact with our Great Central Sun Family

The Great Central Sun is infinite and an indescribable world within itself featuring multi-dimensional cities of light and vast cosmic intelligences. All networks of energy within this solar vortex are united through the consciousness of the universal God embodiment.

Through all of our planetary timelines, groups of beings from the Great Central Sun have and continue to be sent to the Earth to imprint human history with the knowledge of our origin. This has included the placement and programming of certain physical structures, energetic fields and encodements to assist in communications and reunion with our Great Central Sun family.

In many cultures, this knowledge was developed and cultivated for long periods of time. The Atlanteans, Egyptians, Incans and Mayans are good examples of this, among so many others. These ancient civilizations honored and deified the Sun as the symbol of Source, the giver of life. The focal point of many rituals and ceremonies that were practiced by these races and cultures was not simply to worship the Sun, but also, to aid in human communication with our Central Sun Source, accessed through our visible Sun in the Solar System.

The people of these cultures are many of us, the "Children of the Sun" who have returned again to assist the Earth and to activate the codes that we seeded during these previous timelines.

We now seek to fully reactivate a conscious relationship with our family, the great Cosmic Beings that make up the presence of the Great Central Sun. During this full moon and for the next two weeks, it is our unified intention to fully open the lines of communication between our Group Body and the Solar Consciousness of universal God awareness. We will allow this Light to trigger the full remembrance of our inherent ability to manifest instantaneously on the physical plane as God Self expresses Itself in our flesh.

Join us this full moon in the Planetary Grid Transmissions as we meld completely with our solar source of power and activate our Great Central Sun magnetic presence, serving as living transmitters of this radiant God Force.


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I AM Avatar Yoga

Aligning to our Original Power

We ARE all Children of the Sun. "Children" meaning all humans as supreme beings of light... sons and daughters of the great illuminating Source of Love.

The Sun holds our perfected patterns of our Divine Blueprint. As we place our attention on this vast solar entity, we anchor and embody these patterns in our physical form.

The following practices are meant to enhance and expand your relationship to the Sun, perform them as guided by your mighty I AM Presence.

This Full Moon, we are activating our solar magnetism and ability to manifest instantaneously. You may use this audio at anytime and as support during the Planetary Grid Transmissions on Tuesday, February 7.

This audio support features the building of our Group Antahkarana while opening our communication channels to the Great Central Sun.

Sun Gazing

Build a tantric connection between you and the center of the Sun, absorbing the stellar frequencies through your eyes. The potent times for this outstanding yogic practice are a few minutes before the sun sets and rises. Please do research on the correct way sun gazing is done.

Sun Bathing

Bask your entire multi-body system in the rays of the Sun, consciously soaking up every filament of light.

Meditating on the Sun and your Solar Self

Consciously connect to the Divine Intelligence that is the Sun and to the immortal aspect of your being that resides within this solar presence. Commune and develop an intimate relationship with the great Cosmic Beings that reside within the Suns.

Soul travel to the Great Central Sun

Through the vehicle of your vision/imagination/conscious projection, travel to the vast multi-verse of the Great Central Sun. Connect with the living light intelligences that reside here. During meditation or before sleeping, ask your I AM Presence to take you to the Sun.

Drink Sunlight as You Would Water

Draw this dynamic life force energy into yourself with conscious intention, directing it into your cells in the same nourishing capacity as water.

Extracting Subtle Elements from the Sun
Raise yourself into the subtle spheres of the Sun and direct your I AM Presence to absorb the best etheric/physical elements your various bodies require to thrive as this Divine Light contains every element in existence.

Star Gazing

The endless suns of our night sky weave axiatonal light codes of galactic remembrance to facilitate our awakening as Christed Beings according to the Keys of Enoch by J.J. Hurtak. As we star gaze consciously, we anchor these axiatonal lines within our ascension blueprints and enhance our remembrance as cosmic beings.



We encourage you to spend some time becoming aware of the Sun within your heart, you may see and feel this presence as a radiant Golden Ball of Divine Light. Feel, sense and be open to its love, joy and warmth.


As we are now about to enter the Golden Cycle and into alignment with our Solar Selves once more, we are now becoming conscious of our inner Sun's Presence and the radiation that we are emitting.









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Supporting Resources
at Children of the Sun Foundation

These articles are reflections of the Ageless Wisdom that can greatly assist our collective raising. Everything we have done is programmed into the Crystalline Grid and can be called forth as an energy transference.


In 2011, we created the etheric blueprint of our ascension path. Most all of these audio transmissions are timeless pieces that give great support to personal transformation.

Please refer to our 2012 events calendar to stay in sync with the planetary happenings during this momentous year.


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