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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

There we are, whole and complete, from the very first cell, even from the very first pulse of our living being, whole and complete and utterly genius. We unfold without having to lift a finger, without having to 'change' our matrix, all we are required to do is adhere to our originality and optimize the expression of our potential.
Young children are such a great reminder of the simplicity and wealth of being human. Their bodies are constantly suspended and inline with gravity. It's not because they are still developing the bones we think weigh us down. It's that they know and accept the criteria of gravity and modify to accomodate it. Their physical bodies interact with the physical energy around them and bouyancy happens, 360 degrees, all of them. They don't think up, down, side, front, back, good, bad, right or wrong, they embrace the interspaces without the slightest need to control them, order them, own them, define them, or conquer them.
They run from what feels threatening and unkind. Of course they do. Their being and body seek that which invites them to engage, play, discover, safely experience and evolve. It does not seekdrama of conflict, confinement, confrontation, dominance. That would be contrary to their genetic matrix which is structured and powered by the capability to 'thrive' rather than 'survive'. Kids thrive. They run towards what excites, uplifts, entertains, and enjoys them. They have boundless energy for joy and exploration and they are adamant about their rights. They are also keen listeners and know when adults are misrepresenting the facts. They will look at you, through you,, into you and connect, or not, wthout judgment, and then they'll take or leave you without looking back, without asking themselves if they made the right decision. They know. They have the 'thin slicing' and 'blinking' phenom mastered. Naturally. And the only reason they learn to betray that inner wisdom is because adults insist on teaching them how.
Let us stop that harmful teaching.
Let us reconnect to that innate spirit within and empower it, enrich it, cultivate it with the respect it deserves and allow it to ripen and mature, let us become savory once again, delicious and delighted to be alive. Let us harness our capabilites for 'thriving' individually and as a community, rather than wear clothes that don't reflect or respect the livelienss and versatility of our human nature, let us reject the conscriptive psycho-physical behavioral modifications that debilitate, stress, and promote disease in our bodies and communities, let us stop living to prove our worth and reclaim our innate wealth of untapped genius, harness the extraordinarily versatile inner and allow it to shape, design, empower a thriving human community.
This is the only way to rebalance the ecology of the Earth. If we do not recover our own inner/outer ecology how can we pretend to even approximate an understanding of Earth's ecology.
The Earth is like the children. It knows. it doesn't need to be told what to do. It needs to be allowed to do what it does best, thrive.

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Comment by Roshanna Sidney Evans on April 18, 2009 at 9:48pm
Thank you for enjoying the playfulness lying within all ages! Love the photo! Long live the light-hearted and the humaely fearless! Yes, it's beginning to be courageous to be truly human! Go figure. It is so much easier and healthier and we fight it! I have several memories similar to yours. Fortunately we are not atrophied by the social pressures.
Ah yes, I feel children bring us the necessary rememberings...if we choose to witness!
Comment by Jeanne on April 18, 2009 at 12:21pm

I love this blog for so many reasons... especially "buoyancy happens..." made me grin.

Someone really screwed up with your education... didn't succeed in making you realize that life is serious... even grim! LOL
How wonderful that you rose above... not like the proverbial creme rising to the top, but more like the lighter gases that escape the thick and the fat.

You know... sometimes it seems that adults are afraid of being light-hearted. Once I went to grandparents day at my grandson's school and we were laughing and having a good time like we are wont to do... we glanced up from the world that he and I share and realized that everyone in the class was staring at us. I suddenly felt the old, old pangs of having committed a misdeed in class, then immediately regained my grandmotherly presence and authority - and saw something else in that moment. I saw hunger and thirst...the kind that is fed and quenched only with laughter and fun.

We have much to teach children... but they also have much to teach us.

Thank-you for the nudge to be silly...

Theres a fine line between silly and setting a bad example... I struggle with that line.


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