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Awakening Mind iTunes Podcast (mp3 files)

Beloved One,

Kerri and Jason have put together an Awakening Mind iTunes channel at:

If you want a soft introduction into the deep teachings of Enlightenment, you
will enjoy this profound resource.

Forever in Love,



Podcast Description

Awakening Mind Podcast, hosted by Kerri Lake and Jason Press, volunteers of The
Foundation for the Awakening Mind. Welcome to A Course In Miracles Podcast. You
have come upon a podcast dedicated to Awakening to Peace Everlasting through the
forgiveness of illusion as described in A Course In Miracles - by unlearning
error, experiencing the Present Moment, and remembering the Eternal Love of God.
This podcast is inspired by A Course in Miracles and the ideas presented here
focus on the work and teachings of DAVID HOFFMEISTER and the FOUNDATION FOR THE
AWAKENING MIND. These podcasts cover a wide array of topics, metaphysical ideas
and and insight into practically living the profound teachings of ACIM. They may
be presented in a question and answer format, or they make take the format of a
reading on a single topic idea for the day. They may include interviews, or
focus on a song inspired by the Spirit which brings light and clarity to some of
these ideas. We are open to the spontaneous unfolding and development of this
podcast and our only desire is to be led by Spirit in it's direction, to make
this a living practice and expression of the healing of the mind. The goal of A
Course In Miracles is to experience complete peace of mind, through the practice
of Forgiveness. Miracles, or shifts in perception, are the means to this
experience and all that is required is a willingness to see things differently.
Seeing that attack is impossible is what forgiveness means. Our goal is the Love
and Peace that is experienced through forgiveness, by bringing those ideas to
life through living A Course In Miracles for ourselves. We welcome you to join
with us, and offer us your thoughts and suggestions. If you have a question
about A Course In Miracles, ideas presented in the Course or in these podcasts,
or about the practical application of these ideas or if you have something you
want to share, please feel free to contact us. New postings will be available
between once and twice a week. In Love and Gratitude, Kerri and Jason

Enjoy the 14 episodes that have been published thus far.

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