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Darwin Phillips
I have watched the way the world around me works for a long time, I have discussed this with Spritual leaders and Instructors, the world moves in and out of phases, we are now and have been in a phase of logic and understanding for quite some time, now that may cause some to think, how can we be in a logical and understanding atmosphere ??? with all of the hate and destructive things that we see on a daily basis around us ??? it does not look to the average person that there is logic, compassion or any understanding anywhere in America today, but that would be the same mistake that conservatives and the followers of the Tea Partiers movement have made, people forget that all life is tied to the Yin and Yang, each time you notice fear and hate or disruption, there is another side of those actions, for every action there is a reaction, the attempt to deny millions healthcare by conservative republicans and t-party advocates was but one side of the spectrum, and it failed miserably, with all of the talk here in Boston regading Scott Brown and the healthcare initiative being a dead issue, many thought that it was a done deal, Scott Brown wether or not he understood his part in this play, was in my estimation the singlemost reason that the healthcare initiative was successful, truth and justice will always win in the end, the indiginous people of this Country can see clearly where this is going, you do not see many Tribal people caught up in panic, they have always been forced to live on the edges of so-called civilized society, and you do not see many people that understand the phases of the Earth and Nature crying or acting badly and yelling "I want my Country Back" or wearing guns and praying for a revolution, the revolution has already begun and it has little to do with a new Civil War or any Militia action, it is pure logic, compassion, and justice being realized to such a strong degree that it cannot be denied, those 32 million Americans that will now have affordable healthcare and protections from the insanely greedy insurance companies, doctors and big pharma should be all that's necessary to see that we have turned a corner called CHANGE, a positive phase even among all of the misunderstanding and hatred and fear. In every iota of bad there is good, as one door closes another opens, some things in life are simply irrefutable, logical, just, and unstoppable, the Party of NO has made a terrible error in judgement, where they should have sat down with the President and tried to improve the Bill that was never going to be stopped in the first place, they chose to pander to those forces that raved on Talk Radio, met in Parks and the Capital with horrid signs depicting disusting visions and racist and inflammatory ideas that we defeated in the 1930s and 40s, and in essence lost thier center, thier Party, and thier credibility as a result, even now they have yet to learn how inneffective they have become and will remain, they continue to tell the very same lies that put them into the downward spiral that they find themselves in, they had no Idea what the American People wanted, they simply ran with what they wanted, thier next folly will be attempting to push REPEAL as a rallying call ??? really ???

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