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Day`s Breaking (Lyrics & Music by Stephan Raeder-1989)

Day`s breaking-another night goes sleeping
Day`s breaking-another moon is waning
Day`s breaking-another age is missing
Day`s breaking-another tower`s tumbling down
to the very ground of time and space

Edie, put out the lamp - cold light`s been burning long enough - on our naked skin
Please give me your hand - and let us listen quiet `til the bird of dawn - has finished singing Song of Morn
Draw up the window shade - see there´s a glimmer and a shimmer - way up at the eastern sky
just like a promise - for the morning`s soon to come

Day`s breaking - another night goes.sleeping
Day`s breaking - another moon is waning
Day`s breaking - another age is missing
Day`s breaking - another tower`s tumbling down
to the very ground of time and space

Open the window - the air is fresh and bright and smacks of salt - just like a breeze from the Sea of Love
Awake my Sweet Heart - the dream of dead was but a nightmare- just a threat
Take Heart - oh don`t You be afraid - we love You - and Love is all we need

Let us moving out - out of this old house - Let us moving oit - out of these cold rooms
Let us moving in - into the warm Daylight - Let us moving in - into the springtime bright
Let all what`s up come down - and all what`s down get up - Let all what`s in move out - and all what`s out move in
Let us listen to the Bird`s as they sing ( Day`s breaking - another night goes.....

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