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Dragging our egos into the 5th dimension

As we move towards 2012 the pressure for us to evolve is becoming greater. The failure of fixed systems or structures is now very evident within our banking, commerce, religions, societies and so on. The opportunity that these failures bring, is one of the chance to rebuild in a different and sustainable way. One of cooperation and less one of competition. A time of feminine energy - receiving, inner knowledge, nurturing and creativity. This new way forward for planet Earth is called the "5th Dimension". In order to reach the 5th dimension, we first need to move beyond the 4 existing dimensions (which includes time as the 4th). So we need to devlelop some new "skills" and "awarenesses".

So what does this entail? Well let me first say that you already have all the requirements and skills you need to reach the 5th dimension ..... because you are already there.... well at least your "Soul-self" resides there. However your personality and ego is probably firmly planted in the 3rd and 4th dimensions and possibly is reluctant to encourage its demise through any type of change.

The 5th dimension is simply about expressing and manifesting consciously your soul qualities in each moment. But to do this you have to turn away from the past or the future and live only within each moment. To achieve this requires the following:

1. To move from "unconscious human doing" to "conscious human being"
2. To move from "thinking mind" to "intuitive mind" ie.. the "intuition" becomes the source, the "thinking mind" the servant.
3. To be absolutely aware, in each moment, of your thoughts, intentions, your own soul presence, feelings and actions without a single judgement or critical opinion or regret.
4. To create only from the soul ..... in otherwords you are aware that every thought and action is the act of creating and manifesting.
5. That you are really soul and that you are connected to everything and everyone not only on this Planet but to the unseen Universal forces. And that each creative action and thought streams out into the ether and has a consequence for everything.
6. That by hanging onto the personality baggage consisting of: past pain/resentment/anger/guilt and future fears/procrastination, will create a heavy weight that will prevent access to the 5th dimension. And as the Universal energy accelerates over the coming years towards 2012 this attachment to what is after all an illusion, will cause the personality to feel crushed and lifeless. The soul is not interested in the personality because the soul can only exist in the present moment, for it is beyond the confines of time. The personality on the other hand gets trapped by past and future.
7. Once you achieve the goal of waking up to who you really are then the next move is to assist others to do the same. Remember we are a collective body of beautiful soul energy. You do this by your very presence and by assisting them to move out of the thinking active mind into the intuitive listening mind. ie from head to heart.

5th Dimension

The fifth dimension then is simply the manifesting of truth, or soulself consciously onto this Planet. Where communication works on the inner plane and the soul groups are free to create and manifest the qualities that they already are.

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