Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.


I choose to see the Good in my life
And the Good in me

I choose to let the darkness and the pain
Be released and redirected into
Light and Acceptance

I ask God and the Masters to be Present
And Support me in my effort to make these choices

There will be times when others do not and can not
Meet your needs and expectations
Yet the light and love is still there
Have Faith, and in times of Crises call upon
The Inner strength and inner support of God and the Masters

Even when what happens in Life is not fair
Still Look for the greater Good
That lies hidden in all

For even in the darkest Moments
There is Hope and Love waiting in our Hearts
If you just have Faith
There is a Light that can Guide you through
When you walk through the darkness
Hold onto the truth That
I am here in your Heart and Soul

So still reach out
Still Believe
And release the Burdons of a heavy and hurt heart to me
You will Survive
You can be strong
If you ask for help and are open to Receive
The hidden Blessings that are Here Always
Have Faith

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