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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

I do not find my power in the grand gesture but in the subtlety, this space wherein truth lies. This subtle gesture of the nuance, held in the softness of it's beauty told is where the mystery lies, drawing myself to be known. This is the place where mystics dwell.

I do not look to find my meaning of who or what I am by others deemed, in what I do or how big it is laid upon the stage. The meaning of who I am is not for myself, held in that which is obvious to the world at large. It is held within that which calls to me to stretch beyond to what I would think I believe to know, in this world of doing. To look beyond the act and to what lies beyond the what of my mind, has been conditioned to see.

To say mine and your worth is beyond that which can be measured by outward actions. To know that I have nothing to fullfill, for at this and every moment each we are ..... all there is.
To be not frantic to become ..... for I am and all-ways have been realized beyond any action in time. I have nothing to prove myself to Be. I just Am and that which I Am is beauty.

Once I let go this struggle, it is all ok .... if in this moment I let go this world of dicotomy to define my greatness in definition of riches or poverty, holding no contempt for one or the other. To know my monetary level holds no truth beyond the veil and the definition of me is not quantified in this limited and minute space of a lifetime.

For this world is about finding the joyin what it means to Be..... and there can be no conditions or degree on that. For once you say the ultimate is this or that a condition has been set.
The truth for me is that you and I are all-ways blessed it does not matter if in this moment the world at large does not hold in agreement my personal truth and joy. For who I am and what I am at my core is beyond this world. That for me is the only space to move within. I have nothing to prove, for I choose to believe we all already have It. For God would create nothing less in each and every one of us.

It is the movement of the Grace of God that we are able to see it in each other and ourselves. As grace is beauty and beauty's grace is in the ability to move unrestricted, to flow without resistance.
And it is in my ability of compassion to allow myself to see beyond, to believe beyond , to know for you even if you do not know for yourself that you are beauty.
To lift you in my faith and to have faith that I to will be lifted when I am lost to my truth. We are in this world together to love one another unconditionally and unconditional is compassions heart.
Compassion is the choice to let go the judgement of this worlds conditions as to what should be. Compassion is to know that we are one and as one we can only be reflections of and to each other. To deny you is to deny myself. To say in any moment I judge that you are not worthy is to say to myself that I am not worthy. Thus saying you and I must live up to the expectations of this world to be deemed worthy.

Where is that decree set and who of us can come to any agreement upon that? Is this not where all wars are waged?
There can only be on decree held .... the decree of one ..... and compassion it's ambassador. This is the space where the healing of our fragmentation can occur.

Please understand that the meaning of compassion does not hold within itself an absolution of consequences of each our actions but a space of understanding for us each to grow and learn within ..... with each our choice and time to do so. It is to know that compassion is our gift to each other .... it is the where of which inspiration is born. For nothing less than love lives in Spirit (in-spired/in-spirit).

When we are bound by judgement our choices are held within the space of fear and fear will all-ways and has all-ways been a no-place that holds us hostage to the restriction of limitations.
As in ... if I do this than that will occur... and this person will stop loving me..... and our world as we believe it ....... will not love and accept me. So to express once again to be motivated from fear is not an inspired/in-spirit space. For fear will never carry you far for it's nature is forged in limitation. In fear you will all-ways stay stuck.

Love expressed as compassion towards each other and ourselves is expansive, it is allowing. So to allow that which we fear in others and thus in ourselves is to call out loud for compassion. It is the most courageous of acts we can summon. For within the call of compassion we explore each within ourselves our demons, for that which we hate in another is that which we fear in ourselves.
To be truly compassionate we have to be willing to challenge our demons, there is nothing passive about compassion . It is the truest of paths of all our stories told ....... of hero and heroines alike.

Blessings ALLways,

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