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by DL Zeta - 
We are standing in the gateway to a powerful time when we’re being asked to step past those things that previously held us back. The energies are already swirling around us, inspiring us to transcend old identities and step more fully into the awakened timelines of the New Earth.
Waking and nighttime dreams are preparing you to embrace more fully your true identity as an infinite and divine being. Working with dream states now helps you develop future vision – a tool that can help you chart your course into fifth-dimensional life tracks.
Future vision helps you intuitively see where a situation, a choice or an idea will take you in the future. It helps you look at a situation and see straight through to the intention that created it. Viewing potentials before they manifest allows for course corrections and fine-tuning of intentions and visualizations.
Opening to future vision makes it easier to ‘plug in’ to the expanded energies that are now abundant on the Earth plane. These energies are helping an ever-increasing number of beings experience moments of expanded vision.
Future Vision reveals the Simultaneous Nature of Time
Future vision opens a window into the inner workings of consciousness. Through this window we are able to witness the simultaneous nature of what we think of as time. Future vision takes place when we bring our vibration, intention and focus to a synchronistic intersection that allows us to access visions of our future. The future moments we view correspond with our present-moment focus, our intentions for the future, and the degree to which we are aware of and open to our field of possibilities. One way in which the future creates the present moment is through glimpses of future potentials.
Future Vision brings Elevated States of Heightened Perception
Future vision allows us to see through anything that obscures the true essence of our being. It’s not difficult to recognize moments of future vision. 
They are accompanied by a heightened sense of perception and elevated feeling states. They may only last a few seconds, but within each second, all of eternity is revealed. In this way, time is experienced differently; one second can equal days, months and even years of linear experience.
Future Vision brings Awareness of Soul Contracts
Through this lens, our purpose is revealed; the future of life on Earth as well as the next step in our spiritual path becomes clear. Future vision also sharpens our ability to recognize friends from other lifetimes, and brings awareness to soul contracts we share with others. Older souls who have shared many lifetimes together are here now to meet once again in a ‘reunion lifetime’.
Those who have felt this lifetime to contain several ‘mini’ lifetimes are experiencing a reunion lifetime. Early on, past friends from denser lifetimes were encountered so that past misunderstandings could be healed. Later in life, friends from more awakened lifetimes are showing up to join their light with yours and to fulfill your mutual purpose of anchoring new waves of energy to the planet.
Dreams and Dimensional Bleedthroughs are Primary Sources of Future Vision
Dreams are a primary source of future vision. Images of future life tracks can be downloaded more easily into consciousness during sleep states. These images trickle into your waking mind with divine timing.
There are other sources of future vision. Your higher self regularly downloads future insight into your consciousness. Another source of future vision comes through the fluid nature of time, which can result in ‘dimensional bleedthroughs’ that allow us to communicate with past and future aspects of other lifetimes, as well as aspects from our past and future within this lifetime. Dimensional bleedthroughs are energetic portals that open when there is sufficient resonance between life tracks.
Future vision is possible because each being is multi-faceted, multi-dimensional and multi-connected. When you open to consciously embracing the many-layered nature of your being, you are able to tap into a much wider and deeper range of conscious perceptions. All moments exist parallel to our present, and become accessible to us when we enter fifth-dimensional consciousness.
Future Vision is a Tool for Shaping New Realities
Future vision is a valuable tool for navigating potential timelines because it brings a subtle experience of potentials that are starting to crystallize in your future. If you remain alert and awake to these subtle shifts, you will be able to use this feedback to fine tune the futures you are creating.
Energy flows in all directions, so events crystallizing in your near future are always sending out waves of energy that cast a sphere of influence that extends in both directions – past and future.
Future happenings affect your life and awareness as much as past events do. In some cases, you are more affected by future events because they exist in your subconscious and are not always accessed in the way you are able to ‘pull-up’ and understand past times and the influence they are exerting on your present.
Quantum Awakening and the Timelines of the New Earth
It is by opening to moments of future vision that you are able to align with the expanded timelines of the New Earth. Your powers of perception and precognition are important tools for navigating future life tracks in which the technologies of the human spirit are more widely known and practiced.
When these technologies are awakened, we will easily see through anything that has held us back – bottlenecks of unprocessed emotions, parasitic thought viruses, limiting belief systems and more. The quantum awakening of many incarnated beings will trigger a deeper experience of the timelines of the New Earth where unconditional love and inner peace are primary frequencies.
This and much more is available to us when we choose to stand in the truth of our infinite beings. When you bring your focus to the images future vison brings, you are able to perceive events setting up in your present moment, and follow their development through time to view the shape of the New Earth. When you better understand the changes currently taking shape, you will understand your role and purpose within the transition times ahead.
©2010-2014 DL Zeta, Celestial Vision

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