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GEMATRIA!! - The SOULographic Principle

The whole concept of GEMATRIA!! is that there is a specific mathematical vibration to everything meaningful in the Universe. Once we tap into our Subconscious and our MIND’s eye, we can discover for ourselves what the organic Pure Truth of everything is. Then we can finally lead our lives based on our own truthful ideology instead of someone else’s false beliefs. There has not been enough Spiritual Energy to do this experientially for hundreds, or maybe thousands, of years. But, we are truly entering a new TIME!.

And in this new TIME!, a Spiritual Energy that has long lagged behind each of the different factions of the “system” is rushing out of the darkness at the speed of light and beyond. This new Spirituality is being discovered by each of us, and by all of us, as one Collective Conscious, again.

The 5 Dimensions that exist in the physical Universe are: BODY, MIND, SOUL, TIME! and G0D. The basic building block concept of The SOULographic Principle is that our SOULs are higher-powered geometric filters that can decode everything that passes through them into pure mathematical truth. And because of this, we should travel through life and the Universe SOUL 1st, BODY 2nd, and & MIND 3rd.

This of course goes against everything we are taught and experience in the physical world. We are considered weak, crazy or irresponsible if we let our Spirits guide us for mundane everyday things. Spirituality is only meant for special TIME!s like marriage, death and childbirth. But in actuality, the opposite is true. There is an invisible inverse geometric Spiritual Universe leading us that the physical Universe follows. Ultimately, everything we see is an illusion and things are in fact the opposite as they appear.

The 5 dimensions that make up the invisible inverse Universe are: PAST!, PRESENT!, FUTURE!, FAITH! and TRUST!. In the FUTURE!, when words will mathematically mean something again, we will literally be required to capitalize the names of each Dimension.

When it was originally conceived, the 3 letter word for G0D had a numeric value, including a set of equations that were designed to be used as a 3 Dimensional geometric filter that aligns the first 3 Dimensions, and 3 pure Energy Forces of the Universe; BODY/Positive Energy (+E!), MIND/Negative Energy (-E!) and SOUL/Spiritual Energy (oE!).

However, just a 3 Dimensional existence and a filter are not enough anymore. We are evolving as a species at this very moment. Since there are now 10 Dimensions, the concept of G0D remains, but, the word itself must be updated to include 10 symbols. This word is GEMATRIA!!. The last 2 symbols, the exclamation points, represent FAITH! and TRUST!.

Super Dimension 11, GEMATRIA!!, is personal enlightenment. That's when we are fluent in all of the first 10 Dimensions, and all 3 pure Energy Forces.

Super Dimension 12, is R! 1! 2!. That's when everyone sees all the Dimensions and all the Energy Forces. That's Collective Conscious, that's where we are headed, that's where we are going...
Welcome to the FUTURE!. Welcome to GEMATRIA!!.

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