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I have been promoting diesel and biodiesel for a few years, so you may be happy to know I am now driving my talk. Yannick who sold it (& kept it like new) to me works for the Beneteau Yacht Factory in Marion. Of course, they put diesels in all of their boats, so he knows diesel, like I do as a retired Captain. And with the coming of Ultralow Sulfur Diesel and biodiesels, these cars don't have the smell, noise and smoke of the old diesels. Another advantage of having an older one (although Yannick kept this one like new), is that I can use a higher percentage of biodiesel. The new ones only allow 5 % in this country because of lack of standardization yet). Beneteau Yachts is from France, and Yannick is being transferred back there. He confirmed for me that most sedans in Europe are diesels now and EU mandates 5% biodiesel in all of their fuels. Make greendreams come true, ron
Diesel Engines - more efficient, more durable, carbon neutral, much less flammable, biodiesel is much better biofuel than ethanol-based fuels. The original diesel was built to run on peanut oil, and oil-based biofuel is superior to alcohol-based (ethanol) fuels. Diesel is only engine that can run on re-cycled (spent) cooking oils.

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