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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Healing found through a mineral created from lava, ash and salt water....

I am an artist. I compose music and have released a CD recently. My website I look at my music as a healing tool, mostly inspired and composed through meditation. I hope you can listen to a few of the pieces on my page and at my website,

I relocated to Tennessee from Hawaii several years ago, and developed a respiratory condition in the time that followed. You are probably aware that many diseases begin with a toxic body burden. I was tested for heavy metals and found to have several, and I believe this is the major source or root cause of my respiratory condition. I eat organic food, drink pure water, exercise...and I was still diagnosed with heavy metal toxicity, likely because this region is very toxic in the area of air quality. Since I have been taking a product called Natural Cellular Defense (a mineral supplement) for about 5 weeks, It has been a year since I have seen my doctor. This product has given me my quality of life back to me, my peace of mind. I recommend it to everyone. Environmental toxins are the "silent killers" of our modern industrial age.

I am providing several links for your review, and would like to follow up with you by telephone after gaining a little information. I hope you can listen to this powerful 30 minute presentation by Kathleen Deoul, who had a friend with 4th stage cancer, and was given 4-6 weeks to live. She began taking these clear, odorless, tasteless drops that we just put on our tongue, that has a mineral in it that binds with toxins and safely carries it out of the body. She started taking these drops diligently, and 30 days later, she went back in for another battery of blood tests, and there was no evidence of illness in her body. And since that time Marcy has had no reoccurrence. This was 5 years ago this August 2010. The link is, the first link I have provided below.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments.

Jewell Cornette
Office: 865.675.2849

If you could apply clear, odorless, tasteless drops to your tongue, and detox your body (heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, parasites) effortlessly, with no side effects, and allow the body to begin healing itself, why wouldn’t you? Eliminate your body’s burden.
(Listen online to presentation and introduction by Kathleen Deoul)
(Hundreds of Testimonies from A to Z)

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