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Holy Understanding--Dania 2010


"I AM Spirit's Pilgrim

On a Journey Deep Inside

Sacred Current Runs Within

Where True Love and Peace Reside.


Ever the Hound of Heaven

Yearning for the Master's call

Over Thousands of Lifetimes

Returning as the Prodigal.


Driven on by Divine Will

Couldn't get There on my Own

Down the El Camino Real

Royal Road that Leads Me Home.


First Cause, Audible Life Stream

Where all Light Begins Its Flow

Beyond Matter, Space & Time

Before Body, Mind, Ego.


Soul Control, Self Surrender

Its the Path of Mastery

My Mission to Remember

The One I Have to Be.


I AM SOUL Never Ending

Been Annointed, Sanctified

Seeking Holy Understanding

Love Will Always Be My Guide.


Relying on The Highest Good

Complying with Its Command

To Be the Humanity of God

To See the Divinity of Man.


Dwelling in the Center

In the Realm of the Sincere

The Door that All Must Enter

The Sound I Long To Hear.


What Opposites Have in Common

Harmony that Quenches Thirst

Listening for the Summon

Of That Which Loved Me First.


Even Closer than My Heartbeat

Precious Voice Beneath My Breath

Whispering Its Great Secret

Ode to Life, End to Death.


River of Compassion

Mercy's Universal Tone

Beloved Companions

All Are One, No One Alone.


WE ARE SOUL Never Ending

Been Annointed, Sanctified

Finding Holy Understanding

Love Will Always Be Our Guide."

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