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Pax (Robert)

Welcome Mercury to the retrograde crusade, marching alongside the titans; Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, forcing us to look back for a while.  The debt soap opera has wrenched just about every last bit of patience from most Americans not anesthetized by Jersey Shore, Gaga, Scalar cocktails, barbituate-chip-ice cream, ungodly heat and the mind numbing meanderings of a guy in a suit that has managed to royally piss off his base.  Yes, I am talking about that guy, who who turns 50 today.  I’m sure we’ll witness some royal fete, replete with pharaoh styled party hats and plenty of cold beer.

We’re looking back on how we got here, how we got to this place where the fabric of our lives hangs in a precarious balance, battered continuously by the gale force of bad news and trauma.  We wonder how we can strategize and define a life worth living against the backdrop of failed leadership and incompetence at the very least, and God forbid, a willful demolition and callous disregard for the masses lurking in the most unthinkable regions of the heart.  And while some of the world cannot wait to see us fall, let it be known that we are the last domino in a fragile, global ponzi scheme.  If we teeter off the edge, then we’re taking the rest of you down with us, so be careful what you wish for.  Goliath could leave an Earth sized crater in it’s wake.  We’re in this now and together.

Mercury retrograde in Virgo, hitting is hitting your inner skies and this brings us back to the personal.  Virgo is critical.  Let’s not beat around the bush.  I had two parents with Virgo Moons and they were harsh critics of their life, mine and just about everyone else’s.  They bonded by agreeing on the foibles of others.  They circled their emotional covered wagons around a critical view.  This upcoming Mercury Retrograde challenges us to forgive ourselves for not being perfect.  I haven’t done scopes for a while, so let’s see if I can build a campfire in my soul against the backdrop of darkened world.  Warning.  Candor ahead.

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