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How to get back the magic of your childhood awareness

Simply put, still your mind while letting go of everything that concerns you, and at the same time look around you at things in a simple way.

Now for the fuller version. The steps should open up your child awareness, which is a hairs width away from mystical or transcendent awareness.

You have to still your mind of thoughts. Then you have to mentally let go of everything.... this can be in words but better if you can just kind if feel it. Go through all the things that are distressing you and let them go... say (or feel) I let go of needing this or that.,... I let go of needing money, security, love, happiness, peace; anything and everything if it is causing you even the slightest anxiety. You will know when it is working because you will start yawning (a physical indication that we are releasing).

Now here is the trick. At the same time in doing all this look at the world around you and focus on something simple... not the big picture. For example if you are in a supermarket, and there is a red sign or a red wall... focus on that and just enjoy looking at the redness.... (try not to read signs). If you see a yellow car look at the yellow and enjoy the fact that it is sooo yellow. Or look at the road and notice how it runs along the edge of the grass or pavement. Stupid (seemingly) simple stuff. If you hear the wind just listen to it.... not for any profound reason... just for the sound. If a car passes you just hear it and smell the exhaust... not with any critique... just look and smell.... if you see a blue garbage bin.... just look at it... it is blue...

The stilling of the mind helps us into more of our right brain (which is the child's natural state). The letting go of everything, puts us into the child state of carefreeness (a young child doesn't have to worry about anything... as a rule) then the act of looking at things... simple things... is what a child does.... but as a side effect the mystic experience comes flooding in and fills the world again with meaning.

By not focusing on the profound, the profound comes naturally.


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Comment by Laura Danielle on April 14, 2009 at 5:21pm
Thumbs up!
Comment by Jennie Alvarez on March 6, 2009 at 8:59am
This is exactly what Eckhart Tolle teaches about. Nearly word for word....I love hearing it from different sources in different ways. A technique for discovering the opening into Stillness, Presence, Peace, Source. Thank you!!


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