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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

In my heart theres a garden where a tree of life grows whose fruit will nourish my soul when I am hungry and whose leaves will provide me shelter when I am old."

I am a gardener of spirit planting seeds that will bear fruit long after I have left this mortal coil. The mystery of life is such that I am inspired to connect with my soul in a dance of timeless truths and sacred visions. It is my desire to live with simple dignity while creating harmony and peace. Know that I acknowledge my evolutionary journey and in doing so accept the responsibility of expanding spiritual consciousness and embracing self acceptance. For before one can heal the planet they must first seek to heal themselves.

I am having troubles these days understanding humankind. Watching the news is a torturous experience as the inhumanity is heartbreaking. However while the reality of the world we live in is depressing it has not broken my spirit. Mine is a spirit that seeks out the divine in all things. It is those people who triumph over oppression , who rise above hatred , who stand tall and proud in the face of adversity that inspire me. Blessed are those who reach out to their fellow man with not only open heart but open mind and spirit.

I will not accept ignorance , intolerance , racism , sexism , homophobia or any belief that diminishes and debases. Mine is an inclusive existence that celebrates diversity and embraces cultural differences. I have always coloured outside the lines for to do so is to not only be authentic but to be free. We must as a people realize the oneness of humanity and seek to facilitate freedom for all. We must create nurturing environments that respect peoples unique essence and individual gifts. We do not own this planet , we must stop acting like landlords and start acting like stewards of the earth thereby acknowledging the awesome responsibility we have to protect and preserve its natural beauty.

The fertile spiritual landscape of my mind is a wellspring of wisdom seeking those who would benefit most from its teachings. Let us not wallow in self pity but instead immerse ourselves in sacred knowledge. To know the divine is to know the self. If we treat our fellow man as family and show them love and respect we can begin the healing process. I have grown weary of abusive people who have no regard for human life , I have grown tired of corporations that disregard the basic laws of nature and put personal gain above sanctity of life , I can no longer accept those that would sit in silence while others suffer. We all have the ability to facilitate change. We must speak for those who have no voice for they are us and we are them.

The awesome potential of humankind is evident in the eyes of our children. Innocence is something to be nurtured and nourished. Innocence is what we all were before we became infected with the disease of ignorance. Healing is simple for the vaccine is knowledge , wisdom , truth and love. The ultimate liberation of spirit will occur when we realize that holy war is an oxymoron , that no matter what God you believe in it is not a God of war. Make no mistake - war is the evil that men do - we must make a conscious effort to create better men. It is also important that we realize the importance of the feminine spirit and honour the woman of sacred mother earth. To empower women is to free ones soul from patriarchal abuse. Equality must be a reality that we foster with every breath and encourage with every thought.

Let us all say a healing prayer for sacred mother earth. Let the music of our life be a symphony that leaves our spirits dancing. If we celebrate our existence instead of arguing over it we can foster connectedness and create a lasting peace. Know that we are all spiritual beings and that our footsteps join together when we walk in peace. Honour your spiritual wisdom and embrace your essential self and you will awaken to a life of blossoming divinity. Journey into the light while embracing life to its fullest and let the singing of your heart serenade all humankind with a song of whispered endearments and undying love.

The purpose of creation is a harmonious and peaceful life for all . With that in mind I seek a path to flourishing where I may voice my wisdom and express my creativity in a way that benefits the planet and its inhabitants.The substance of my being is such that I am compelled to focus on a path of light that I may make a spirited contribution to sacred mother earth that engages the heart and embodies the divine. To all who read this I say let the healing begin. Say no to anger , say not to hatred , say no to ignorance and say yes to diversity , dignity , integrity and love. Create your own reality by manifesting the coming of a new dawn where all will live together in the womb of mother earth.

I am living mindfully and embracing the full spectrum of humanity. My journey has included a childhood surrounded by alcoholism , an adolescence where the seeds of depression were planted , homelessness , psychological trauma and more. I have seen far more death than I would have ever imagined and yet I am truly blessed for I have my wife , my friends my family and all those whose paths I cross in cyberspace. I am rich of spirit. If there is a point in this meandering soul expression it is that there is something beyond our reach , something that transcends death , something that defies logic yet is innate and that is the essence of our being. It is that essence that gives us strength and courage , it is that essence which inspires imagination , it is that essence which can and will manifest a heaven here on earth if we allow it.

I am sending out all the positive energy and love that is in my soul to all who read this that they may discover their purpose and manifest the life of their dreams.

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Comment by Teresa Hernandez on July 14, 2009 at 2:01pm
Hello Ancient One from Canada. I am a peace activist teacher from California. I am new to this site as of 7-13-09. You were the first friend to send me a message. I enjoyed the quotation. I went to your blogs and skimmed through the titles. In my haste to accomplish the next long list of mandates for my day I came to this blog. I was drawn into it deeper and I read each word. I went back and re-read each word again. It makes perfect sense to me in a world that seems so senseless. I was calmed by the tone and spirituality and peace that was wrapped up in the message. Your words are very soothing and the message is so essential I will share this blog message with my own friends. It is my hope that they also will find the TIME to Shift from the fast track crisis pace to a moment of reflective peaceful purposeful mind shift. Whew! It is a heat wave in California today and yet I feel much more tranquil now. Thanks Ancient One for the positive energy via cyberspace. I appreciate your kindness today 7-14-09 Teresa


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