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Hi folks,

Please check out the video clip " Christian rocks it out at Holmes Lake".


I improvised in the spirit of Carlos, at least I hope I did. Whatelse could it be? I listen to Carlos for 30 years almost daily. If I am not influenced by now then there is no hope for me.

If you like what you see, please do me a favor and give it a "like".

Thanks and cheers,



P.S.: I love Carlos's new release Shapeshifter and also, incontrast to some not so nice reviews I read about Guitar Heaven, I really like this one but last CD as well. Actually it was one of those that became better and better the more frequent I listened. That is always a good sign, because it means it is not a trivial easy to digest sugar coated but short lived joy but rather something with depth. I love it when that happens. Reminds me to the first Santana double LP I explored: Moonflower. At first I had no idea what to make out of this kind of music I had never heard before. Then I went on a journey discovering one side at a time. Listening to a new side of the double LP was each time like discovering the Americas. I must admit I was kind of scared to do this step every time but of course I did anyways. After about half a year I was completely hooked. 


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