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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

A mother
forgives a father
who is a son
of a daughter
who is a mother.

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Comment by Dania McManus Wong on December 15, 2009 at 9:33pm
Beautifully Sunkissed, incredibly perfect
touching so deep, reminder so clear
your children chose wisely
who was to remind them
to remember Who they are
Comment by Ctefy Sunkiss on December 15, 2009 at 8:41pm
brave sons.. for my son Elijah

Once in a land of billows of blue,
A young prince arrived inspired and new
He sang a song of sensitivity,
And it angered his father, the king, who could not see
And his father believed that he as a man
Was better then those of a lesser clan
His father the king, he just could not see
The way others felt when he began to tease
And the prince decided at a very young age
That he would change things
That he would change his ways
As it doesn’t matter what is his fathers view
It is within the prince to do something new
Not be angry or rash like his dad
But to hold space
With love in his hands
Not to be angry or rash to his dad
But to show by example how to be a true man
A true man loves, pure from his heart
A true man is a leader and a servant, an equal counter part
He is compassionate to others
He is brave and is true
True to himself, that’s all he has to do
And the prince grew up exactly that way
He showed others to love
Never a word to pursuay
By becoming the change
And creating the new
Letting go of the old
And his father, what did he do
He watched his son and observed his own blue
And it challenged his ego, his claim to a man
And it made the king angry
At his son for a span
But the prince continued
To love and to be
In perfect balance
And harmony
To treat others with respect and peace
His father was alone when he began to tease
Angry his father stormed away
Confused at his son and this crazy new way
Confused at his people who were now happy and free
What does this mean, why can't I see
And he ran to a cave
To hide and to think
And the king went within
For the first time he found a link
To a whole other universe
He found deep within and opened his heart
Watched the spirit begin
To clear away spider webs
Of thoughts he perceived
But not by observation as he realized what it was that he believed
Where not his own thoughts but things taught along the way
From his father, the media, and his Auntie Fae
And he wondered what it was that he believed
What did he feel and how did he perceive
He spent quite a bit of time in that cave
He went within and unlearned his ways
He let go of old and made peace with the new
He found His truth. Let go of his blue

When he returned to the kingdom they sang and danced
Father and son balanced at last
Brother against brother a thing of the past
No more teasing, No more War
All is love at last..


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