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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

On September 21st, the world for the thirtieth time will celebrate the International Day of Peace.  This is a day of ceasefire and non-violence for the world.  The day was established by a United Nations resolution in 1981 to coincide with the opening of the General Assembly. The first Peace Day was celebrated in September 1982.  In 2002 the General Assembly officially declared September 21 as the permanent date for the International Day of Peace, also known simply as “Peace Day.”

This Day of Peace in years past has been responsible for ceasefires allowing aid workers to safely enter areas of conflict to deliver food, medical, and educational materials. This Day of Peace is also represented in the global community with concerts, festivals, parades, prayers, and ceremonies that bring together people of the world with a common goal of creating a more just and peaceful planet.

Peace Day has grown to include millions of people all over the world celebrating both our personal and our global progress towards peace.  Peace Day events range from personal interviews, private gatherings, to public concerts and forums where hundreds of thousands of people are in attendance.

The ‘Peace Day Global Broadcast’ was founded by Bill McCarthy of the Unity Foundation in 2009 and since then has been shared globally via live streaming of the Peace Day events.  The broadcast can be viewed on over a hundred websites including; the United Nations, The Culture of Peace Initiative, All Things Peace, Unity Foundation, Peace Day LIVE, and Peace Day TV ( Over the past 3 years, (2009-2011), the broadcast has been seen by more than two million viewers[i] from over 200 countries.

This year, 2012, the Peace Day Global Broadcast will provide coverage of various cultures, highlighting the diversity and beauty of the people and nations that share our planet.  Hosting of the coverage will come from Studios in Zaragoza (Spain), Montreal (Canada), and the main global Peace Day TV headquarters in Vancouver, Washington (United States).  During the Pacific Rim viewing hours the show’s host will be Stephen Fantl from Portland, Oregon, and Jean Trudel from Canada.  During the European viewing hours the show’s host will be Dr. Michael Dolgoruky from his studios in Spain.  Dr. Michael will be broadcasting in German, Spanish, and English languages.  

The broadcast begins at Midnight GMT time on September 21st, Peace Day.  The first location will be from New Zealand where the local time will be Noon on the 21st since it is located at GMT + 12 hours.  In New Zealand a “Minute of Silence – Moment of Peace” will be observed featuring the indigenous Maori culture, in every subsequent time zone as the broadcast follows the sun around the world, a Minute of Silence – Moment of Peace ceremony will take place at Noon in that time zone, collectively building a “Global Peace Wave” over a 24 hour period.

We journey around the world with live coverage of concerts, festivals and interviews from New Zealand to locations in Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Israel, Afghanistan, France, England, Spain, Germany, Scotland, The United States, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil to name just a few.

Specifically, after the New Zealand portion, the Broadcast will move to Australia where one of multiple concerts coordinated by Peace Day LIVE will take place.  Other concerts will take place in Israel, France, England and the United States.  Following Australia the broadcast will move to the Linzhou Taihang Mountain in China, where Deborah Moldow, a U.N. IDP (International Day of Peace) Committee Member and Director at the World Peace Prayer Society will host the first ever event in China to be included in the Day of Peace celebrations. 

As the Earth continues to turn coverage will move to Indonesia, and then to India where a blessing and meditation in coordination with the Minute of Silence will be provided by Sri Bhagavan and the Oneness University.  From the Asian continent the coverage will move to the Middle East where a Peace Day LIVE concert made up of Muslim, Christian, and Jewish musicians will take place in Tel Aviv.

As the Noon hour moves to Europe and Africa, coverage will include France, England, Spain, Ghana and Zimbabwe.  Long time partner of the Peace Day Global Broadcast, “Peace In Our Lifetime” has scheduled events in Africa and England, including a Moment of Silence ceremony from Brighton England.  Hosting for this portion of the broadcast will come from Zaragosa, Spain and Dr. Michael Dolgoruky.

After hopping over the pond to the United States, and the location of the United Nations Headquarters in New York, a special three-hour “Peace Wave” presentation will be hosted by Jean Trudel and The Culture of Peace Initiative (CPI).  CPI is a UN-designated "Peace Messenger Initiative" with participants in all the world's regions. Its purpose is to unite the strengths of organizations and individuals who are working to make Peace a practical reality.  The “Peace Wave” presentation taking place from 11:30 am (EST) to 3:30pm (EST) will include:

  • Locations across the U.S. and Canada
  • U.N. Headquarters
  • Montreal
  • Flag Ceremony
  • Ashland, Oregon Peace proclamation
  • Mayors of Peace

After leaving the West Coast of North America (12:20 PST / 3:30 EST) portions of South America will be highlighted, followed by coverage in Hawaii of their annual Peace Day Parade, and the Mauai Blissfest.

As Peace Day (September  21st) comes to an end in Hawaii, pre-produced content including updates on the Millennium Development Goals, Human Rights, Water, and the environment  will close out the day.  Broadcasting will continue through the weekend with coverage of concerts in New Orleans, youth activities in Michigan, live interviews with peace-builders, and much more.  The official broadcast ends on Sunday, September 23rd, but highlights will be re-broadcast throughout the year over the Peace Day TV channel.

The Peace Day Global Broadcast and the channel it streams on, Peace Day TV, is available for social sharing through Facebook, Twitter, or even embedding the broadcast on any website.  It is encouraged that those websites wishing to do so, embed the Broadcast on their own website.  To do so visit, then follow the three steps of  (1) Choosing a player type, i.e. just the video player or Combo widget which includes the global chat function; (2) choosing a color, size of player (640 recommended) and play option (auto Paly recommended); then (3) copying the embed code which can be placed on your website.  People can also share the player on their Facebook page by clicking the “F” icon in the lower right corner of any player, or tweeting it by clicking the little “t” located in the lower right corner (sample at

This broadcast would not be possible without the support of sponsors, Peace Day Global Broadcast thanks it’s current sponsors which include Unity Foundation, The Prem Rawat Foundation, and the Shift Network.  Individual support is also helpful to the broadcasting teams, for those wishing to support the broadcast with tax-deductible donations, visit (All Things Peace).  Other producers of the Peace Day Global Broadcast include Culture of Peace Initiative, Cercle de paix, Peace Day TV, Light of Life Society, Unity Foundation, and Mayors for Peace.

Participants of the "PEACE DAY" 2012 Global Internet Broadcast:

Live coverage or videos for inclusion in the 2012 broadcast are being provided with use rights by the following organizations: UNICEF, World Food Programme, World Peace Prayer Society, United Religions Initiative, United Nations Development Programme, Peace Day LIVE, Mayors For Peace, International Cities of Peace, Amnesty International, Peace One Day, Pathways To Peace, Peace Music Project, Playing for Change, Culture Of Peace Initiative, Earthdance, Everest Peace Project, The Shift Network, Global Exchange, Global Sufficiency Network, Goldman Environmental Foundation,, Energy Village, Nonviolent Peaceforce, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, Parliament of the World's Religions, Rainforest Action Network, The Community Solution, Prem Rawat Foundation, UN Department of Public Information, UN Ass. of the USA, Unity Foundation, UNIFEM, UNESCO, Vision of Humanity, and many more.

[i] Analytics for the number of countries viewers have watched the broadcast from in the years 2009-2011 come from Livestream, the number of viewers come from accumulation of visitors to websites carrying the broadcast, websites include,,, and to name but a few.

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