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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

As a man I have seen far to many women suffer abuse at the hands of men.

From this point on Let No Man Raise His Hand in Anger , Let No Man Raise His Hand in Hate , Let No Man Raise His Hand in Conflict for to do so diminishes the Human Spirit.

Women are our greatest treasure. They bring life into the world. They nurture our spirits and nourish our souls yet far too many of them suffer at the hands of men. What is wrong with us as a society that in the 21st century we still allow this to take place. We must rise up against those that would oppress , we must rise up against those that would abuse. We must rise up against those that value life so little that they would batter ones soul.

Let us embrace Love as a way of life and acknowledge Women as the Divine Blessing they are.

I received a phone call last night from a loved one whose partner was in jail because he had beaten her bloody. What possesses a two hundred pound man to batter a one hundred and fifty pound woman. What possesses a man to ever raise his hand to a woman. This is disturbing , puzzling and unacceptable. As men we must raise our voices for silence is a form of abuse . We can no longer turn our backs on our Mothers , Sisters , Wives and Friends.

Let No Man Raise His Hand!

Let today be a Healing Celebration in which we Honour every Woman on Sacred Mother Earth.

For my friends in the Creative Arts I ask that you use your gifts to create awareness. Use your music , art , poetry , writing ... to help change peoples paradigm that we may once and for all put an end to this epidemic. For my friends in the Spiritual/Healing Arts I ask that you send your Prayers and Healing Energies to every Woman who has ever suffered abuse at the hands of a man.

Let No Man Raise His Hand!

As a society we must seek to create better men for the ones we have produced so far have failed. We live in a world of rape , murder , molestation , crime and war. We must choose better leaders , create better schools and seek an existence that is less selfish and more selfless.

Let No Man Raise His Hand!

The pure loves light of my Wifes smile embraces my soul , the beauty of my sisters enchants my spirit , the radiance of my nieces inspires my inner child and the divine spark within every woman I have ever met motivates me to cry out to my fellow man - No More ! No More ! - put your hand down and raise your heart in celebration of the majesty of all women.

Let No Man Raise His Hand!

I ask that you transform your thoughts to those of peace , love and beauty. I ask that you have a reverence for life that honours the beauty of all living things. I ask that you live a soul centered life that promotes social awareness and achieves positive change. I ask that you open your hearts to all women for to do so connects us with higher wisdom and allows love and joy to flow into our lives. I ask that you reach for the heavens while keeping your feet on the ground thereby facilitating peace in the world and creating abundant new possibilities.

Let No Man Raise His Hand!

Women have an innate connection to the soul that transcends this earthly existence. Let us rejoice in their magnificence and seek the fruit of their wisdom that we may all find a peace profound as we live in harmony. To move forward in life we must realize that happiness is a choice and must make a conscious effort to make better choices. Teach your children well for they are the future of humankind. We spend so much time teaching math and science and far too little time teaching love , honour , respect , compassion , integrity , dignity and truth. If we are to survive we must teach our children to breathe joy and happiness , to embrace respect and compassion , to see selflessly through spiritual eyes.

Let No Man Raise His Hand!

May this simple note inspire you to Light a Candle of Love thereby illuminating a path of spirit nurturing truth that will lead us out of these dark times into a brighter tomorrow.

Tell your Mother you Love her!
Tell your Sister you Love her!
Tell your Daughter you Love her!

Let No Man Raise His Hand!

Let No Man Raise His Hand!

Yours in the Glory of Love Profound

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Comment by Kelly Ray on February 13, 2010 at 4:54pm
Dear Ancient One,
While in psychic session one day, my partner was processing her fear of having a necessary gynecological surgery. She was so afraid, she allowed herself to suffer severe loss of blood, every month for about three years. When it became apparent she must have had past life trauma, we regressed her. She found herself in the midst of a past life in the middle ages when she had been a healer, and someone had denounced her as a witch. She was in the midst of a torturous death scene, when she suddenly went into a "higher realm" of consciousness. We were asking, Why are women tortured and perscecuted so much at the hands of men? The answer was, there is collective rage against the Mother because women did not protect their helpless babies from being circumsized for centuries.

So, whenever I hear of a scenario where a woman has been battered, in addition to sending her healing prayers, I also send compassionate prayers to the man involved, because at some point, he was also a tortured soul. It's too easy to push away the conscious male in our minds and say, "I am not like that." But the violent male is an aspect that is present in all of us. The idea is to come to a place of love and compassion for all concerned, even the tyrant.
Comment by Debbie Ducic on May 31, 2009 at 5:37pm
PS: My son's name is Keenan...which means "The Ancient One" :)
Comment by Debbie Ducic on May 31, 2009 at 5:34pm
Dear Ancient One,
I'm so grateful to have read your post today because I'm very much involved in women's issues and come from a family with a history of the women suffering abuse at the hand of their husbands. I also read everyday as I research the internet about the use of women as a tool of war and violence and it hurts my soul. So when I read these types of messages creating positive healing energy, particularly from a man, it does my heart good and continues to give me hope that the world indeed will change...that the paradigm will change.

I have tried to instill this new way of seeing the world in my son and my daughter. My son is quite sensitive in nature, but has suffered the teasing and bullying of a world of young men being raised in the "tough guy" tradition. It's hard for a Mom to watch. My daughter was smart enough to get out of a "bad" relationship and has just recently married a sensitive and loving young man...and I am so thankful!

I was wondering if I could spread your post around my universe by either linking to it or re-publishing it with your permission on some of my online presences? I think others will find it as inspirational as I have.

I look forward to getting to know you better...GutZy Women just LOVE enlightened men!
aka GutZy Woman
Comment by Doren Damico on May 30, 2009 at 9:20pm
I have a song to share on this topic. But it will have to wait. Meanwhile, what a charged prayer! Let it be so. Let no man raise his hand!
Comment by Michele Selinger on May 18, 2009 at 8:47pm
Thank you Ancient One for this post. Being a strong survivor, and a not so strong one at times… I also believe that teaching love, truth, compassion and respect is the only way we as individuals and as a group can stop the cycle of abuse. At times I understand, see and know what my lesson was from my experience, and at times I don't. Yet I know in those times that I don't, if I can remember love - it changes me within... and for this I am ever so grateful.. I would not change my experience, as it was needed to bring me to the place I am in - in this moment - in my life.... I hope for others that they may find peace with their experiences...
Comment by Dawn May Adams on May 2, 2009 at 12:25am
Thank you O Ancient One! I mean that sincerely, because I was one of those women. But women can be abusive too. Thank my God that I am not one of them. I Pray God please, that we can somehow learn to love all of humanity, and rid ourselves of hate, or whatever it is that causes us to do bodily and verbally abusive harm to others, so that we can eventually have that "Peace on Earth as it is in Heaven."
Comment by The Ancient One on May 1, 2009 at 9:38am
If we embrace love as a way of life we can end abuse everywhere!


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