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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Links to my spiritual stuff on internet

Intense meditative dumbbell swing exercise I developed and do:
History of my meditative dumbbell swings development:
Trauma, denial, distortions of reality, and projection of ones flaws onto others in the outside world:
A healthy ego is so valuable to a spiritual pioneer like me:
How we envision God affects our spiritual effectiveness on this Earth:
I live in Houston and felt a lot of the spiritual impact of Hurricane Harvey:
The physical spiritual connection and delusions:
Why does my survival depend on constantly pushing the edge spiritually:
The cycle of of life and the spirits that are part of it are eternal:
Spiritual energy invested in supporting wild conspiracy theories
Yahoo Answers best answers:
The unique diet that works best for me:
Also look at other wordpress blog posts and facebook notes!
I am found on the internet by putting “astrogoodwin” into a search engine!
My YOUTUBE channel with interesting videos and very educational videos most of which are not my own with a lot not related directly to the spiritual:

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