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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

What a relief to see this day with a new president! An intelligent, caring and whole person leading this nation is a somewhat new thing, but perhaps we have now grown enough to be led by someone with more grace and beauty than we have been witness to before. What we see around us is a reflection of the way we think, and perhaps it took the horrors of the last eight years to cause so many to think about just how very important it is to love one another.

Life has seemed even more surreal to me than usual ever since that first day when I went to vote in Palm Beach County in 2000. I'm not a stupid nor unobservant person, really, but the ballot was a huge surprise, just as finding out that my country was so bereft we could not even afford the time it would take to actually count the votes that we had always been told were so important was a huge surprise.

I hope that if anyone ever tries to take over our country in that way again, like it has been taken over in the recent past, that we will have learned to not sit and wait for it to all get straightened out. We need to get out and straighten it out I think. Ah....but that was very difficult with the many pepper sprays, sticks and tasers that awaited us when we tried. How many many of us have post traumatic stress that did not even go to fight over seas, I wonder?

And wasn't that a beautiful scene yesterday? Not one arrest? I'm stoked.

Today i soar in the joy that so many of us feel. I pray that we all remember that no tyrant can take over a country alone, and no compassionate leader can make good change happen alone either.

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