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Meditation: Anchoring the Energies of Compassion ~ Waves of Bliss ~ Nasrin Safai

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February 2012

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Energies of February, 2012, a Landmark Year which is also a leap year. This means there is one more Portal Day in this month and one more in this year.

Happy Chinese New Year: On January 23rd, we entered into the Chinese New Year. This is the year of the Dragon, specifically, the year of the Water Dragon. The Water Dragon works with the Element of Water rather than Fire, so it is a gentler energy. As you might know, the Dragon is the totem animal of Quan Yin, the Goddess of Compassion. This coincides well with Divine Mother’s work with Lady Quan Yin and the Energies of Compassion.

Divine Mother points out that the Qualities of Compassion that are prevalent today have been corrupted, leading to great dysfunction and misunderstanding between individuals, groups, institutions, and countries. To change this, Divine Mother brings Quan Yin, the Mother of Compassion, and offers us multiple Layers of the pure Qualities of Compassion, reinforced by the Cosmic Goddesses. This is a great gift to us, Earth and Humankind.

This month we resume our free LIVE Gateway Portal Day Channeling Sessions on Feb. 2.


Portal Days in January:in February: 2/2/12, 2/3/12, 2/10/12, 2/11/12, 2/12/12, 2/20/12, 2/21/12, 2/22/12 & 2/23/12 & 2/29/12.

Full Moon is on 2/7 and New Moonis on 2/21.

We wish you a wonderful month of February, filled with Energies of Compassion and Victory.
Blessings to all,





February Gateway Portal Day Channeling Event

Date: Thursday 2/2 at 7:30 PM ET.





Anchoring the Energies of Compassion


My children of Light, I am your very own Divine Mother.


Envision yourself standing before Divine Mother at the Altar of the Sacred Fires. Pay your respect to the Altar and state your intentions. Make an offering of flowers, incense, spices, oils and other sacred offerings to the Altar, for the benefit of all your loved ones and yourself.


I have invited you to this Sacred Altar to offer you the Energies of Compassion, a Quality the Earth and Humankind need to work with during this year of 2012 and at this specific juncture, where Quan Yin is invited to work with you to reinstate Compassion to Earth. This year, beginning on Jan. 23rd, the world celebrates the Oriental New Year. The Symbol of this New Year is the Dragon, which is Quan Yin’s Sacred Animal, her Mount. I therefore ask Lady Quan Yin, the Goddess of Compassion, to come and stand at this Altar with us.


We will begin making offerings to the Sacred Altar to imbue the fires of my Altar with various aspects of the Quality of Compassion.

I will begin this ceremony. Notice that my entire body has become filled with Copper Gold Light,which is my Signature Energy. You are now looking at my fully illumined Light Body. I will pull streams of Light from my Light Body and offer to the Sacred Fire in the Altar. I will begin to sing a Mantra, an incantation to imbue the Fire of the Altar with my own Copper Gold Light to prepare the Altar to receive the Energies of Compassion.

There is a negative Quality throughout present day humankind, which this specific Copper Gold Light of Compassion will remove. This negative Quality causes you to think and to exude: ‘I am better than you are. Whatever you do, I can do it better. Even if I cannot do it better, I am still better than you are.’This negative sense of superiority is void of Compassion. It comes from a place where Compassion has no room to roam. It comes from a place of such deep insecurity that it makes humankind selfish.

The first Layer of Compassion removes the Insecurity


The first Layer of Compassion, which I offer you, is one that removes the insecurity. Individual souls, when experiencing abandonment and fear, go into this place of feeling that they are lonely and they are alone – that they are not good enough. And then the ego makes up for this ‘I am not good enough’ with; ‘Well I am better than you anyway. What you can do, I can do, only I can do it better. Whoever you are, you may be something but I am better than you are.


That fear of being rejected – that fear of feeling separate, so separate that the ego has to make up for the insecurity by continuing to feed you that; ‘it does not matter how lonely, how separate, how different you are, you are definitely better than others.’ Needs to be replaced with” we are all in this together and we will succeed together by treating each other as equals and serving each other by sharing.”


Now I will begin to bring forth the first Layer of Compassion; Compassion that will allow humanity to see one another with an open heart; to see one another as equals.

This Light, is Gold and Pink – a Fiery Gold with Pink emanating from it. I pull the streams of this Fiery Golden Pink Light out of my Light Body and pour into the Sacred Fire of the Altar. The tongues of Fire jump up and dance, absorbing this Light. See the Fire fully imbued with these energies.


This Layer of Compassion will bring the return of Unity – return of Oneness – return of Equality – the level of Equality that children, especially the children of New Age, feel; and some of the young adults have carried it into adulthood and have not forgotten. That is what we want. This is why it is important to bring the return of these layers of Compassion.


Second Layer of Compassion, Empowered with Fearlessness


The next Layer of Light is Compassion Empowered with Fearlessness. See this as an Aquamarine Blue Light immersed in the Streams of Gold filament. I will pour it into the Sacred Fire. See this Aquamarine Blue mixed with Gold Filaments in the Sacred Altar and see the Tongues of Fire reaching high and absorbing the Light.


This layer of the energies of Compassion brings Fearlessness. Why do you need Fearlessness right now? Because, sometimes, to open your heart and to give to someone, you have the fear that ‘if I give to someone – if I share this secret with someone – if I tell my recipe, whether it is my recipe for this cookie or my recipe for this software that I am writing or my recipe for this gadget I am making – then sharing it with someone else would mean that I am less than. It means they will steal it from me.’


It is true that people steal information, technology, identity, the entire spectrum! This layer of Aquamarine Blue and Golden Light of Compassionhas the ability to eradicate that negative behavior of taking, stealing, abusing others by allowing all to experience the Fearlessness – Fear-less-ness in sharing energies of Compassion – Fear-less-ness in expressing your truth and not keeping secrets. Sometimes you keep secrets to protect yourself, to protect your loved ones but those secrets become cause of worry and fear and concern. Fearlessness in knowing that even when someone does you injustice your goodness will be rewarded, as their injustice will be.


The first layer of Compassion that we brought helps humankind to experience equality – opening one’s heart and seeing everyone as themselves. The second Quality that we brought removes fear and insecurities. Once removed, then you experience and enjoy that equality and the sharing of the resources. The giver and the receiver benefit equally. In fact, the giver benefits more than the receiver because the act of giving magnifies what you give a hundred times, a thousand fold, ten thousand fold and more. It expands your ability to receive from the Universe. In other words, the Universe is entangled in the web of your giving – in the web of your mercy – in the web of your compassion.


The Third Layer, Compassion that is Victorious


The Third Layer of Compassion is that one that Goddess of Victory has offered to Earth and humankind and that is, Compassion that is Victorious. Compassion that does not come from, ‘I rolled with the punches and I got so beat up that now I have compassion for all the underdogs;’ quite the opposite, it is the level of Compassion that is Victorious because it is empowered to do more, to be more, to gain more. This is Compassion Empowered with Victory. See Goddess Victory standing before the Altar and offering Streams of Light in Pewter, Lemon Gold, Platinum immersed in Gold and Copper Gold of Divine Mother. This Light of Victory is giving you the instinctive wisdom to know what to do in each given moment and to conquer. It brings you the Vibrational Force Field of Victory, imbued with Divine Mother’s own Gold and Copper Gold.We will offer it into the Sacred Fire.


Full range of the Energies of Compassion from Quan Yin


Now see that Quan Yin is standing over the Altar. Her entire body is emanating a Dusty Pink Light. This is her Light Body, Imbued with the Light of Compassion. As the Mother of Compassion, she carries this Dusty Pink Light. Streams of Light are pouring out of her Light Body- filaments of Light that are imbued with the energies of Compassion – the entire spectrum of Compassion that is a Dusty Pink color.


Now see that this Dusty Pink coming out of Quan Yin’s own Light Body is over-lighting everything else that we have poured into the Sacred Altar. These energies are etching their presence to every particle of the Fire in our Sacred Fire. You will become the carrier of all these Layers of Light of Compassion.


Absorbing the Sacred Fire with all the Qualities of Compassion


Look into the Sacred Fire and you will see that the Copper Gold and the Goldis emanating from all of the particles while those three layers of Compassion:


  • Compassion that brings Equality; in Fiery Golden Pink,
  • Compassion that brings Fearlessness; in Aquamarine Blue with Golden Filaments,
  • Compassion that brings Victory, in Platinum, Lemon-Gold and Pewter mixed with copper Gold Filaments, imbued with the Entire Range of Compassion that is the offering from Quan Yin in the Dusty Pink and further imbued by the Gold and Copper Gold of Divine Mother.


I will take a big double handful from the substance of this Fire at the Sacred Altar. I will pour it over your body. I will allow it to be absorbed into your body, first through your Crown Chakra. Then I will rub handfuls of this Sacred Fire, which is healing and soothing, onto every part of your Body. I invite Lady Quan Yin and Lady Victoryto join me in covering your entire body with the Sacred Fire.


Your body begins to absorb this healing fire. You begin to glow with the Golden Copper Light that emanates the range of colors for the Quality of Compassion. Feel the Dusty Pink. Feel the Golden Pink. Feel the Aquamarine Blue. Feel the Energies of Victory, immersed in Platinum-Lemon Gold-Pewter. Finally, feel the Copper Gold Light of Divine Mother to seal all the Lights together. Breathe and bathe in the energies. Pause to absorb this Light fully.


Let the Energy permeate into every cell – every particle of your being; etched into the DNA and then expand from within you to the world. It begins to permeate in the environment around you and spread everywhere fast. It helps the Collective Consciousness of humankind. It helps Earth and all species; true Compassion for all.


What we accomplished together in this ceremony will have a vast impact in years, decades, centuries and millennium to come. We are now at this juncture because you are capable of anchoring these Energies and because you are calling to these Energies. The various Aspects of the Flame of Compassion have etched their presence into your DNA Structure. I want you to take a moment and make a final offering to the Altar and ask for a wish or desire to be given to you in return for what you have done in service through this exercise. Pause and pray for your loved ones, for Earth, for humankind, for what you wish to manifest for this year and for the decades ahead of you. I ask you to kindly repeat this exercise for 33 days, if possible, to fully anchor it and to magnify its presence on Earth and the Collective Consciousness of human kind.


May you receive a thousand folds for all the service you offer. I pour my loving Compassion to you eternally with great gratitude.

I am your very own Divine Mother.

So it is.



© FAGU 2012




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