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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Watching meet the press this morning it dawned on me that dejavu is a true fact in Politics and in every other area of our lives, we may not always recognize it but TV Programs and the Internet will assuredly remind us of the things that we do know to be true, this morning I watched Eric Cantor spew the same old policy line of Republicans in the exact same way that he did Thursday morning at the Healthcare Summit at Blair House, I am convinced now that this guy in even less than an empty suit, sitting there with the healthcare Bill splayed out in front of him with post-it notes highlighting his and his Party's talking points like some male counterpart of Sarah Palin with her Palm notes, terrified that he would lose his train of thought and thereby lose points in the face of a President that was born to make a fool out of people such as himself.

And then came John (could I be more out of it) McCain, I believe that he stated at least a dozen times that the Bill being discussed was scandelous, and unwarranted and unnecessary and the Republicans know from the Polls that the American People do not want this, etc. again nothing but Partyline talking points, and I challenge anyone to submitt an interview where John is not trying to crack a joke, inspire some laughter, or just plain Clown for the audience, what is this guys damage ??? Is there anything even remotely funny about Americans dying from lack of coverage ??? at Blair house he stated to Barack Obama that he is reminded daily that he lost the campaign and the Presidency, is he so thick that like Dick Cheney he cannot accept the fact that neither he nor Dick have any idea what the American people want ??? John was treated to some of his previous public statements regarding Reconcilliation and Healthcare in which he was in total accord with what the President is now proposing, and after spitting down the front of his Shirt and Tie his only reply was " well I looked a lot better back then ??? what is wrong in the Country when anyone takes an idiot like this seriously ???

There comes a time when all American Polititians need to be led out to Pasture for the benefit of the Country, just like our bodies we begin to stiffen and become inflexible, we can no longer accept change in any form, when we are challanged we become adamant and inflexible to a fault, this is what happens without term limits, we need to establish term limits, we need to do away with 60+ Super Majority, the tail is wagging the dog in American Politics and that must stop !!! Mitch McConnell should be sitting on a porch somewhere in Kentucky eating Oatmeal and sipping Jack Daniels, what the Hell are we doing !!! Now these Clowns have nothing left but to threaten Democrat losses as a result of Jamming thru the Healthcare Bill, well I agree with Barack Obama "we're going to get it done" " let the cards fall where they may" I for one do not believe that the Dems will Lose one seat !!! and I believe that the Party of NO will at last be seen for what it really is, a group of self agrandising obstructionist traitors to the American people, and way of life !!!

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