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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

The distance from Head to Heart is more or less 300mm, 30cm or 12". Yet for many inhabitants on this Planet, the perceived journey from head to heart can be measured in light years. With the exception of touch, the head contains all of our major sense organs - eyes, nose, thinking mind and visual capability. We cock our head on one side to gain greater listening power or squint to see more clearly, and we interpret the signals of others from the expressions that we "think" we see on their face. In other words, most of our interaction with the world around us is focused around the head and our thinking perception.

Because of this, our primary habit is to be "head focused"; awareness of our other natures becomes secondary or subordinate. The consequence of this upper level awareness is that we pay more attention to our "noisier" visual and thinking abilities, and less to our "quieter" sensing and feeling receptors. The result is that we (our personality) become more thinking, critical, opinionated, calculating and so on......... rather than aware, intuitive, feeling, receptive and so on............. In essence our personalities tend to live in the past, or the future, and so miss out on the moments to be present ... or put another way the aware presence of their soulself.

Becoming Heart Centred
We have all resided in the heart ... we did it constantly as a little child ... do you remember? The time before our thinking and reasoning mind took control of our behaviours, emotions and life in general. In those months before we had thoughts, words, obligations, etc..... we "felt" everything, smiled, giggled and gurgled, laughed, cried, slept, ate, passed wind and so on........ What is more we were aware and could "sense" everything as it passed through our awareness. We were also more connected and open to the influences and promptings of our true soulself. Perhaps what we were actually doing was getting used to being in a small, confining body once again. For some it was undoubtably a tight and uncomfortable fit!

So how can we once more return to the gateway of our true nature? Well! We have been there before and so it should be easy to return ....... Mmmmmmmmm........ well ... yes .... and ... no. It depends entirely on your own level of conscious awareness, your ability to frequently detach from your random thinking patterns and on your desire to be in the present moment. The distance from being "head centred" to becoming "heart centred" is tiny, but the journey involves vast patience and a ton of love.

If I asked you in this moment "Where are you in your body?" What would you say? Well where ever it was, that is the place that you have placed yourself ..... in this moment. What I would ask of your personality is to place awareness between your eyebrows .... go on do it!.... Now place it into the left ear! ...... now into your right eye! .... fun is it not? OK ..... now feel the air coming in thru your nose and as it passes over the back of your throat .... in and out. LISTEN TO THE FEELING ...... OK! so your mind wandered in that last moment, OK ... now listen again, without the thinking. As if you are really... really.... straining to listen. Close your eyes for a moment to focus on the feeling/listening bit. The breath sliding over the back of your throat only to return the same way and so on.....

Now follow the breath down to the centre of your chest ..... and listen again with the same intensity of feeling. If your thinking mind interrupts, then gently place the fingers of your free hand over over heart area to engage the sense of "touch/feeling". Keep bringing your awareness and listening back to the same point ... be patient yet persistent. The trick is to "fall into your heart" By falling in, I am referring to "letting go" of thinking and doing. There is nothing to think or do in this moment to moment awareness, except "to be" in your heart.

Hey, well done..... now that was easy! So you moved from your usual pattern of "active thinking to silent feeling". Great .... you moved from "head to heart", and from "past to present", and from "doing to being!" Practice that for a bit and increase the time from "moment" to "moments" ...

Journeys end?
There isn't one! By spending more and more time in your feeling self, which means less and less time in your automatic thinking mind, you will find that your intuition, creativity, health, wisdom, joy and understanding will evolve more deeply. You will find that you can now, not only see beyond what is physically visible, but also "see" (internally) the future moments as they come towards you. You will find that synchronicity will place you in the right place at the right time and that ...... when you do use your mind to think..... it will somehow mysteriously produce the results faster, and more effortlessly than ever before.

The great bonus to all this is that your journey will become more joyful. You will begin to feel the profound depth of wisdom that lies within your understanding, and you will bathe in the love of the magnificent soul that you already are. In doing so, you will subtlety alter the course of the outer world and in doing so, remind its unaware citizens that their journey too, is simply from "head to heart".

Nothing more .... nothing less!

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