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NATURAL ORDER by, Steven Von Linne c- Oct. 12, 2010

Well I gave you control of my heart and soul
and I swore I would always be true
but what I did not understand,
is that you had a dark plan
and now I see what you've been tryin to do

I'm not alone in this madness,
the whole world is starting to see,
and the natural order is for everyone to be free

Yeah my heart is still aching for
the dream that could have been.
and the price will be paid for your trecherous sin

You can steal all my money
till I'm livin in a hole
But you're never,never,never gonna touch my soul

and the more that I learn, I realize that it's up to me
and the natural order is for everyone to be free.
There's a feelin that's growin, every day that goes by
and the truth will prevail over every lie
And the new life is beginning,
so the old plan must die...

So the lesson we learn,is that love will prevail,
and that plans made with fear are destined to fail
the price we have paid is our innocence lost
and you can't use your money to determine the cost

so let it all go, it was never meant to be
and the natural order is for everyone to be free
and the natural order is for all mankind to be free
Yeah the natural order is for all of us to be free

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Comment by Steven Von Linne on October 25, 2010 at 11:52am
This song is recorded and posted on my page . I composed, and played all instruments and sang, my cousin Eric Babl did the drum programing. We are destined to be free, we all need to excersise our freedom as much as way is with music...what is yours?


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