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Others and Myself having BUTTERFLIES land on our hands!

Namaste EveryOne..

Below is a video of me having a fly, and then a butterfly land on my hand. Below that are videos of butterflies landing on others as well (this way you know I'm not the only one!). I want to share with you my personal technique for doing this, and I would like to encourage YOU to experience this yourself :)

If you choose to do this, I would love to hear your story and/or I would love for you to video tape it and share it on MyPeace.TV .....

Now, I should probably tell you that I've been doing this for a few years with flies, as a way of escorting them out of my home when they happen to stop by :)

For me, the vibrational technique has always been to calm my energy, send the fly love, and feel my oneness with it...then I would put my hand close to it without touching it, and let it come to me (I can't say that it has worked 100% of the time, but most of the time it has). I used the same technique with the butterfly as you will see in this video--which is much shorter than the actual time I spent with this beautiful creature ;)

When I filmed this, (over a year and half ago) I believe it was the 3rd experience I had with a butterfly landing on me...

As you will see.. I put my hand very close to the butterfly, but did not touch it..(as long as your energy is very very calm/loving then it can also work if you gently touch it, but I think it's easier to do it without touching it)..

When I calmed my energy, I felt our oneness, sent it love and felt myself connecting with it on a deep level..then after our initial connection, I held my hand out and let the butterfly come to me.

I know you can do this too. feel free to ask me questions, and I would love to hear your thoughts about this!

Enjoy the other videos as well..
I think kids have a knack for this ;)


In Unity and Oneness,


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