Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Lord, Let me see my true Purpose
My true reason for Being.

Let me Believe that I can make a Difference
By Understanding the reason I am here

Let me find a Way to dedicate myself to that Reason
And serve that Purpose that we have chosen to be here for.

For the World is Searching for Something more
Than temporary pleasures.
The World is in Need of a greater Reason to be Alive for.
And your Love can show us how to Believe
In that Greater Purpose and our true Calling.

Let us lay a Foundation for the Earth’s new Era
Of enlightenment.
A new time to rededicate out lives to Believe again.
Let us have the vision to See
How there can be a better way of Life.
That this path of yours Can lead us to Heaven on Earth.
For we are the Children of a New Dawn.
We are here to Throw open the Doors to the Light
That will lead us to our True purpose.
And as we find this truth to be what we have been waiting for,
And we find we can Believe again, and this belief is
Based on Love, the Love that has brought us here and will see us through,
We will find that we can be the Fruit of the Seeds
Of God’s greatest Gift.
That there is a new and greater Reality of an Awakened dream
That has come with a New Day,
And a new Way to be Living together in Love, Light and Peace
And living for our True Purpose Here and Now
In this Garden of Heaven on Earth.

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