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Please check out the photography of Corbin Doak under Photos. He is a very good friend of mine from China via Hawaii. His parents are friends of mine from Makakilo HI. He has a twin brother named Shannon. His photography is awesome.
Some of the other photography is aso pretty awesome too. Having received an AA degree in Photojournalism myself, I am an avid lover of good photography. I also have an AA degree in Art. I will be taking a painting class this June at the College of the Canyons in Canyon Country, CA.
I've been busy writing a couple of books so I have neglected both photography and art. This class will be fun for me, and relaxing.
I would also like to suggest giving a listen to a very wonderful male singer who is also a friend of mine from the LA area. His name is Walter Heath, and he has entered two songs that he wrote and is singing for this contest that he is in on a blog called "" The names of his songs are "Love" in the Chrisian/Religious section, and "The Preacher Man", in the R&B/Pop section. You also might enjoy some of the other artists. My vote is for Walter and his song "LOVE." Thank you, and LOVE and PEACE!!!

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Comment by Dawn May Adams on May 2, 2009 at 10:47pm
Hi Corbin: I'll check it out. I just got a lovely card from Weslie--I hear Lydia McCarter is coming to stay with her during Convention. I'm hoping to see Wes in July, she' is coming to meet Michele to take the "Keiki" to Disneyland, so I will try to visit them at their hotel. I don't know Vivian, but give her my best, and love to both of you. Are you in China, Korea or in the states? I sometimes get things mixed up with you and Shannon. I know that he and Jei Ling are in China, but I'm not sure where you are. I forget things these days. I am so tired right now--I've had a busy day. We had our devotonal get together today for the after Ruhi class project. We started Ruhi Book Four last Wednesday. We have anywhere from 7 to 9 in our class. We had 8 today plus two babies. I invited some other folks, but they didn't show. Oh well, their loss. :):) Love,, Dawn


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