Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Here is something I wrote recently


What a breath, what a whisper is life

That thought deems consequence

With a puff of wind we are gone

I am the tempest

The rain

A wild English garden

Covered with roses

Sweetly smelling

Tossed in the wildness of vines

Enchant you to secret paths

Drink full on beauty

Discovering adventurous child

Lost yet always securely held and found

Rest you in my peaceful embrace

As cares fall away

Some days

Winds blow violently

And rain stain my cheeks with fallen petals

But beauty, life and meaning will be here

Another day

My eyes shining brilliantly
with diamonds in the morning sun

And laughter in my babbling brooks

Sit awhile neath the shade of my willow tree

As doves serenade thee

I will always be growing

Wild yet tamed

Fresh new shoots from

Ancient roots

New blooms replacing those that fade

No two the same

Here you will never grow tired

Always be refreshed

Always be here loved and blessed

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