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Creating Abundance NOW!

Starts 2/22/10

Join our free, on-line four week program that combines daily affirmations with weekly abundance mini-meditations to magnetize you and begin drawing the flow of prosperity energy into your life!
• Tap into the Power of Your Subconscious Mind
• Program Your Sub-Conscious for Success
• Use the Power of the Law of Attraction
• Implement the Solomon’s Keys to Prosperity by learning techniques to Control Your Thoughts & Focus your Attention
• Align your energies with a group with a common goal to amplify the power of your desires.

Accelerate the flow of prosperity and abundance in your life NOW!

To join this program, simply e-mail us at with your Name & e-mail address.

*This program is a suggested precursor to a powerful 4 part Mastering Manifestation program designed for both new manifestors and seasoned abundance creators, as it will align and open your energy to fully integrate this program into your life. Mastering Manifestation is comprised of 4 biweekly, intense guided meditations designed to access and reprogram your subconscious for abundance through information downloads, energetic clearing and realignment and new energy infusions. Mastering Manifestation is scheduled to begin on April 14th.

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