Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

The dates are settled, the cost is established, and the seats are filling up!!

The Next FULL Syncon Omega (virtual syncon) is going to start April 26, 2012 and YOU should be there!

In Syncon.Omega, where the focus is to join resonance with action in the world, new systems and solutions are often revealed.  A SynCon (short for Synergistic Convergence as put forward by Barbara Marx Hubbard, maven of conscious evolution) is a potent, powerful, and transformative event – a mechanism for establishing goals, sorting through the tangle of options, and defining actionable courses of action .  SynCon participants will generate original and creative ideas, research and consider viable solutions, synergize knowledge and skills, collectively identify new solutions, and discover the dynamic drive of action teams that are powered by resonant collaboration.

Register as a participant for the Syncon.Omega at:

SYNCON.OMEGA 1   sign up (registration has begun)

The next Syncon.Omega starts on April 26, and runs for 10 consecutive weeks

The theme is Occupy the Heart: Connect! Communicate! Co-Create!

In keeping with our desire to walk the talk of gift economy we are charging a basic "cover the expenses" charge of $30, with anything above that indicating your appreciation and support for SynCon and it's potential to solve critical problems in a new and balanced way.


Become a Certified SynCon Facilitator

As a certified Syncon.Omega facilitator, you will be trained to give public Syncons and assist the world's transformation into a sustainable, compassionate, functional planet.

There is limited space for the Syncon Facilitators' Training which starts Saturday, March 31st at 10:00AM Pacific Time/1:00 PM Eastern Time and runs for two hours, on 4 consecutive Saturdays.

Don't miss out.   Sign up now! Time is running out.  (Your basic SynCon expense support fee of $30 is all that is required)



and register as a participant for the Syncon.Omega at:

SYNCON.OMEGA 1   sign up (registration has begun)

Looking forward to seeing you there!! :-)

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