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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Wow! Having a great time wandering through and exploring the amazing people and concepts here on Architects of the New Dawn.

I've been a fan of Carlos Santana since I started listening to music as a child and whether its music, art or some amazing new way of thinking from across the globe, this interesting mix always seems to surprise me with depth and variety! Bravo!


I'd like to introduce a visionary person who has inspired me with her art and her visionary outlook. Designer Nancy Kozikowski learned her skills by studying the indiginous artists of Northern New Mexico. She worked with the Coronados and the Archuletas who generously taught her the techniques passed down through their ancestors.


Nancy Travels to China with Native tapestry designers from Northern...


She became inspired by the so called "Crafts" pf the area but she felt that these works all though functional as well as beautiful deserved a place along side the "Fine Art" works that she found in the museums and galleries.


She began her quest to meet with and interact with the traditional artisans wherever she could find them. Her quest took her to Song Zhuang an artist village, located in Tong Zhou District (eastern suburbs of Beijing), There she established a tapestry studio and where she developed her work.


Currently she resides in Beijing and commutes daily to her studio where she develops Embroideries and Tapestries that reflect the ancient culture around her. Soon I will post a video which provides a glimpse into her meticulous process. Meanwhile please visit her website for a peek at some of her installations and Commissions from around the country and the globe.

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