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TeleMagica Art and Music Festival- TELEMAGICA 2012, "GALAXIA" , June 8/9/10, 2012

"It is about returning man to marvel, to power, to what he has dreamt about; to reconnect with astonishment and the capacity to create. That rupture is the only thing which can liberate our luminosity from our perceptual uniformity".
Carlos Castaneda

TeleMagica Art and Music Festival is an annual event in the pristine natural landscape of Jacumba CA, 1 hour East of San Diego.

TELEMAGICA 2012, "GALAXIA" , June 8/9/10, 2012 
3 days/2 nights, Starts Friday 12pm, Ends on Sunday 6pm

The Promised Land: a landscape without limitations, where you can hear and discover music and performance art on stages, as well as in a rock cave or on a high mountain peak. A beach-like sandwash where your campsite is part of an entire tribal village celebrating each other, the expansive fresh air, as well as the full moon & a million stars at night. This land enhances magic, and your silent understanding! Within the sounds, the sculptures, the pyramid and the WaterSight Mineral Spring Dreaming Tubs, you awaken your senses.... you will find answers to questions that have gone un-answered..... This is more than a festival gathering, this is about discovering your next level of creativity, with other brothers and sisters counting down to 2012. 

TeleMagica provides a stage for painters, sculptors, musicians, poets, photographers, film makers, performance artists, neo-vaudville, graf artists and creative ritualists coming together for exchange of ideas and talents, for connectivity and collaboration on projects, and for rejuvenation in a world where the support for the non-commercial arts has been evaporating. 

TeleMagica was founded by those Artists who live with very little, consume only the necessary, and give with their Entire Soul. The TeleMagica grounds were constructed with recycled materials, donation waste from the nearby Railroad, and discarded dumpster finds. We have existed due to "the force of will" and the alignment with Spirit....... We have built our community with Intention. And unlike many gatherings that have money to promote and erect large expensive stages, the main stage for our gathering is a natural Earth Power Spot. Our gathering is built with the "Nails of Will" ,"recycled materials" and the "energy of Heart".

The TELEMAGICIAN CHRONICLES portray our journeys of discovery into the sacred SouthWestern landscape where artifacts from the time of the ancient Toltecs reveal their intended purposes. As Mystic Artists we have a clear insight as to the ritual nature and intention of those Shaman Artists of antiquity, thereby, in revealing these treasures, we energize the artistic ceremonial aspects of our civilization.

These chronicles are available at:

TeleMagica is put on by The Institute of Perception. 
The Institute of Perception and TeleMagica are dedicated to the Evolution of the human spirit through the Arts.


A recapitulation of the TeleMagicians history. Feature-length movies showing in multi-parts on YouTube, listed and linked here below.

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