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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Hi all Architects of a New Dawn!

Because of this Ning, I discovered YouTube!!! We now have 5 youtube channels to share the information that has been coming to us over the past many decades.

We have synthesized everything we have learned, seen, understood, intuited into our new book/workshop - The Trust Frequency: Ten Assumptions for a New Paradigm. Workshops: Accessing the Trust Frequency. The INNstitute At Sedona May 15-17, 2009.( and Omega Institute June 7-12, 2009 with Tlakaelel visionary Mexica-Tolteca elder from our film IN SEARCH OF THE FUTURE. (

Please go to our websites and our youtube channels to see what we are bringing to the table concerning the nature of the universe gleaned from many years with visionary indigenous elders, consciousness expansion exploration, life experiences, ancestry and personal insights.

We are putting on an amazing two week/three workshop experience at The INNstitute May 15-29, 2009:
Accessing the Trust Frequency May 15-19.
Crystal Skulls and Sacred Sites with Jaap van Etten May 21 (
The Sacred Circle of Life with Hopi Elder Roanna Kagenveama May 22-25.
with time in between and after to do your own thing!
Call 927 634-4335 for more details or write Flexible retreat/lodging packages available 3-14 nights. All workshop participants must be registered guests at The INNstitute.

For our interview on Peace Portal with Stephen Fantl on The Trust Frequency go to:

Many blessings to all and keep up your great work in the world, bringing in the transformation of consciousness through personal choice to align with our highest potential and facilitate the realization of Heaven on Earth through LIVING Love, BEING Love!

Connie and Andrew (Andrew Cameron Bailey, also an AOAND member)


YouTube Channels: - Living in the Trust Frequency - Earth Energies/Vortexes/Portals - Exploring Uplifting Evolutionary Ideas - the nature of the universe through visionary indigenous elders, futurists, scientists - clips from out film IN SEARCH OF THE FUTURE - Henry David Thoreau/Native Americans/Inspired America

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