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The Cloaked Shadow Entity In The Old Cincinnati Church

By Barek Halfhand

The old Cincinnati church stands stoically on the old riverside city side street and I was keenly aware of it before it came into view … rumor has it that a shrouded dark entity has been spotted rising out of the floor by way of a widening crack separating the floor from fist step of a rapidly decaying staircase… Legend further contends that it can often be seen through the tiny window square frame in the front door that has long since been relieved of it’s glass when conditions are right or the right person is peering inside …

Those that have encountered shadow entities know that they radiate an intense negativity and while I saw nothing visually, the sheer abrasive pulse piecing my solar plexus validated my 2 hour trip deviation to visit this site …

The stale air that huffed from within distinctly reminded me of the St Paschal Friary … a dead air tomb-like stench that culminated in an overwhelming, last dying breath exhalation dust loud as I watched the wrecking ball pummel the central wing of the old beast one late fall, 2010 afternoon …

The first few shots I tried through the window frame were blurry and out of focus and I had to try several different settings but I did finally get a few clear shots … it wasn’t until I dropped the photos on my laptop that I discovered the anomaly …. b


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