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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

This morning I accidentally hit the link on my tool bar for this site and as we all know, there are no accidents in life and before me was the new Home page and a video which spoke to me on so many levels I can't begin to express how overwhelmed I felt. I said to myself often “I know this!” And the urge to share it with everyone I knew came upon me and more than that my appreciation that such a site exists. Bravo! To all who are making this possible.

My journey through the realm of The Awakening took place in the early 80's, but another one came little more than a decade ago when I awoke from a vision and suddenly knew I had to do something about earthquake survival. It led me down a path to discover our human connectiveness to the Earth itself. And most recently I began to receive messages from persons across the far corners of the earth which let me know The Global Calling is upon us and in that I'm aware it's time to share my message of Hope from my years of research because the audience is ready to receive it.

It mirrors what this site is about, connectivity. Each person who is here has something to offer and it makes a monumental statement about a movement that is of this time and into the future; yet it stems from primordial man itself.

I'd like to express my thanks to everyone for making this site what it is and bringing those who have the calling together where they know they are not thought to be weird nor strange, but coming together to receive messages they need and should hear.

Here's the the Spark of enthusiasm! May it grow ever brighter.



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