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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

It's so sensitive the power people have over others. The awful ways some tend to use manipulation instead of healthy communication and reward for work done. Just to rise to the top of the game of life and its constant nagging to be more powerful and wealthy. All the time there's the boss of money, running our spirits into the ground if we let.

One of the most powerful things I've done in the last 10 years is enroll in Human Relations at the local community college. And after long sicknesses from low self-esteen and purely wrong materialistic urges to be someone I'm not. I see my conceptual mirage beginning to fade and a real person underneath. I hear what I've been seeking for a long time, facts about human nature.

And even though I was abused by anothers mental sickness, and my knees we're almost knocked out, my heart and soul drowned and life made so bleak, never succeeding in meeting the expectations of the other, I'll know its not my fault.

Really, noone should tell another to be just like themself. That age old - "do what I do" slogan has ruined so many lives. Or the heirarcal recommendation to do anothers job for them, because their too busy being lazy to do it themself. Then asking when thats done to do hers and theirs over there.

I hate to see or hear about people being used and abused. Its such a sickness to let anyone be manipulated and used by others. There really are some awful people in this world. So to all the people out there who give love to others. What a blessing, my heart is with you and may the planet heal and balance be restored.

Lord please give us some RAIN!!

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