Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Throughout the Kingdom of the Dwelling Place

Of the Lord of Light

The Radiant energy of Being is sent forth.


Behold this great gift of the One,

Behold this Very moment when

You can Be in the Presence of the Master

And stand in the Light of Love.


And as you allow this Light to Be with You

 your Heart and Soul,

So shall you Become Present In the Heart of Being

 To Bring this Bring into form.

For this being Holds the Pure Light of God’s Love.


So be in this Divine Presence.

Be in the garden of Heaven,  

And Be in the World of Form.

Be on the Path and Bring

God’s Light and Love Into Being.


Realize the Gift Being is Revealed in the Presence

 of the truth of Who you are

And what you become by Being the Light and Love

of Christ Consciousness in form.


As you accept this gift

and as you believe this gift

and as you allow this gift

you then become it.


You are of God’s Light,

And you are of God’s Love.

You can hold the Light of the Christ

In you heart and Soul.

So Let it Be!

And give great Thanks.

And so it is.

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