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A personal story
A Shaman is defined primarily as a healer and a spiritual counselor. Deeply connected with life, she is more than her calling as a Shaman, she Is the calling. From early childhood she had a very pressing urge to learn about shamanism. This is a most reliable mark of a shamanic calling, especially if she didn’t realize the motive of it.
The Shamanic calling may be revealed by the following marks dating back to birth or early childhood:
1.As a child, she was a loner? People considered her eccentric or "different".

2.From early childhood she saw glimpses of the future while going to unknown places, déjà vu.

3.Spirits and those on the other side have contacted her in someway


4.Animals appeared to her as messengers. 

5. She had near death experiences. Underwent symbolic deaths in areas of material belongings, marriage, social standing, vocation, and anything else that might link that person with their old life.

Aside from the physical near-death and the dismantlement of her old life, she underwent severe illness. A common theme with these tests is that the shaman must face illness and tests that are physical, mental, emotional and spiritual in nature.

There is usually very little mundane assistance for her, and part of the test as a shaman is having to figure it out, and call upon the appropriate assistance from the spirit world.

8. One commonality in surviving a shamanic test is that it will involve assistance from the spirit realms. As a shaman she will call upon her teachers and protectors from the spirit realms to cure the illness, or find the answer to her test. Often this a major step for her to learn, is which allies works with her from the spirit world. As a shaman she cannot do this work without a team of allies in the spirit realm. These allies might be personal guides attached to her, ascended masters,totem animals, elements, plant spirits, angelic realms, “other world beings,” and many others of which the average individual is unaware.
9. The shamanic path is not to be taken lightly. It is not willingly chosen in traditional society, and instead the path chooses the individual.

Immersed in her spiritual path she uses energy work, dreams, journeys, shifting, soul retrieval, and deeply engrained intuition to assist others to heal their spirit. She connects with the Creator/Great Spirit/God as the source from which all healing takes place.
The prayer of my heart.“ God, awaken me to who I really am”, had been heard and answered. Little did I know, at least at the conscious level that going to Hawaii, would be the time and place to be seen and acknowledged as a Shaman. A “Secret” I held close to my heart all my life. The Shamanic Journey has been my life and I share it with love.

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