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Archangel Michael - Greetings my beloved beings of Light and Love! Tonight, I share with you that NOTHING is more important at this time than to amplify the vibration of Unity Consciousness. There is no longer a separation between human beings and spirit beings. And all that is transpiring on the beautiful Planet Earth is leading you together and in an authentic and collaborative way, toward a more perfect union as a planet.

Imagine all the various energies of the earth plane as pieces of matter, and envision them put close together within a very large canon. Then the canon is shot. Realize that the power of the trajectory is strong enough to hold these pieces together, even though they are separate at another level. Yet still, all traveling in the same direction; and so it is with human beings at this time: you are all traveling in the same direction. All things are working in concert with one another.

Slowly matter within the earth plane is forming a new, lace-like constellation of energy. This new energy is confident, creative, enthusiastic, radiant, filled with love and highly stimulated. It is the natural state of a being to be this way and as such to make endless and powerful choices of focus to amplify its unique vibrational signature and to extend the experience of its knowing of itself (by experiencing your own creations!). Divine is what you are. You are soul: radiant and knowing. Skillful and quick. Decisive and flowing. There is no hesitation for that which is soul knows its own endless validity and as such seeks only to flow energy into form, flow energy into form, flow energy into form! You know, at this level, that all creation is useful and “good” as it expresses you and you are innately relevant and important. FEEL THIS. You are important and inherently, literally inherently, all-that-is. SO naturally, {smile} you matter.

Archangel Raphael - Delightful, is it not? No wonder you thought it would be so fun to come down here to this earth playground and strut your stuff! You knew how wonderful and amazing it would be. You knew you were going to have all kinds of experiences, that you would forget your powers, that you would have ways to wake up and remember and that all the other beings you would encounter would also be sharing this experience and together you could each do your own thing while also loving and teaching, supporting and challenging each other. How fun is THAT! Well, actually you think and thought and know it is fun. (At a SOUL level, of course). Hopefully, soon or already too, at a human level. {smile}

We watch your experiences and there is a sweet and loving embrace emanating from us to you. It seems so perfectly beautiful that you go through all of these experiences and still find ways to love one another and yourselves. Very nicely done, we might add—the collective Ascended Masters and the many angels devoted personally to your most perfect union.

We love that you are and we are all in this together. It’s what we are and what we love and what we create and what we are stretched and amplified by. Thank you for rubbing up against each other to make it all the more clear how specific and beautiful each of your soul signatures truly is. How delightfully thoughtful and perfect it is that you’re doing this.

Archangel Michael - I give you the following meditation.

Sit quietly at a time of day which is generally peaceful in the world around you—early morning or evening are good times for example. When there is not too much movement outdoors and things are more still. Sit in a rooted position with your spine straight. Feel your seat strongly connected to where you sit, and your crown chakra open to the sky. Feel your energy long, extending deeply into the center of the earth and outward and upward into the entire universe. Stay in this feeling for some time, imagining and experiencing the energy of you flowing out, endlessly into the universe and into the earth.

Now imagine the reverse: the universe flowing enormous volumes of energy in through your crown chakra, and the earth flowing and you receiving enormous solidity and strength-energy from the earth. Feel these two energies combine in your torso and flow out into the world from your solar plexus, your heart, your third eye. This flow of your energy cycles out to the ends of the universe, and returns to you through the through your crown chakra and up through the earth and the energy is endless, boundless.

Feel the Universe itself extending as a result of this exercise in which you move energy. Realize that you are indeed expanding the universe with your own thoughts.

Now if you like, continue to receive energy from the universe and from the earth and envision it effortlessly creating form in your life, on the planet, as you desire to experience and know your life and the life on the planet. See the most beautiful visions you can feel for you materialize instantly and effortlessly as energy flows into the world and out into the Universe—the energy is never diminished or even slowed down, as a result of your multiple and endless creativity.

Realize that your creations echo in all the other realities in which your entity has expression—other physical realities and other realities of probability which are beyond your comprehension. Immediately in this exercise you share the joy of these experiences with all versions of yourself and as a result all versions of yourself are amplified, elevated and have the experience of loving themselves more as you all experience your creations! This is a real thing. Every thought-form, every vector of energy given focus is created in one dimension or another, and experienced by many.

You already are part of a unified consciousness—your own. All aspects of you, in whatever dimensions they exist, collaborate and inform one another to continually refine and expand, experiment and extend your interests, curiosities, ultimately extending your perspective.

And still. We are as one.

Do you see? There is nothing more important than waking up to Unity Consciousness; it is your entire experience. It’s good to know this. And begin to play with it.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it! {smile} Sometimes we cannot resist playing either. {wink}

You are forever and profoundly loved, protected and cared for. We are forever in your service and available to you in every way. Just ask. Ask and you will receive. Ask and you will know. Reach for us and we are here. Always available and one with you on this adventure; it is so beautiful and it is so. You are profoundly important and protected always by us, and surrounded with light/energy and love. I am honored to collaborate with you in this living. I AM the Archangel Michael.




--Meredith Murphy

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Comment by Lorenzo Abbiati on February 21, 2011 at 10:33am

we are about to become a unique plasma communicating in a multiple level array

every day passing indicates we are approaching this "plasma" state.

no boundaries no distance no age or gender no more separation and less, less disease.

Peaceful era reporters.


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