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Tonight on FATE Radio... an evening not to be missed!!!

Tonight on FATE Radio: Dr. Claude Swanson!

Join host Chris/Onefeather for an evening of dialog with Dr. Claude Swanson, a PH.D physicist who has spent decades studying the world we’re surrounded by and connecting the dots! In his first book, The Synchronized Universe, Dr. Swanson examines the human experience with studies and observations on the survival of the soul, ESP, psycho kinesis, remote viewing and other subjects that challenge the current accepted beliefs of the scientific community. Now, with the eminent release of a second book that expands even further beyond the boundaries of our collective knowledge about what Life is and how we can optimize our living experience, Dr. Swanson catapults us into the realm of endless possibility! What is “Life Force” and how much are we a part of it... or it a part of us?

This is going to be a fascinating and illuminating discussion with revelations that are based in both hard science as well as metaphysical principles... an evening you don’t want to miss. And yes, there will be some discussion about Earth changes, earthquakes and solar flares and 2012... things you’re probably curious about, given current events!!!

Friday, March 11, 2011...

10 PM Eastern, 9 Central, 8 Mountain and 7 Pacific

on FATE Radio

You can check out Dr. Swanson on the web at:

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