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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Tuesday October 19th Vedic Astrologer Brendan Freeley!

Vedic astrology and Jungian trained counselor
Brendan Freeley
will be tonight's guest.

10 PM Eastern, 9 Central, 8 Mountain and 7 Pacific
on Onefeather Journal Radio

In Vedic astrology, chart interpretation generally focuses on the four primary purposes in life: dharma (our capacity to create purpose and meaning in life), artha (the capacity to generate wealth and gain mastery over issues related money matters and business), kama (the capacity to fulfill one’s desires in relationship and society in general) and moksha (the capacity for spiritual development and knowledge as well as our liberation from this world).

If Indian astrology seems mysterious and intimidating,
now's the time to learn a few things about this ancient art!
We will be taking callers for this show!

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