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UPLINK 2012 . the countdown
Event Picture. General Audience.

The most prophesied event of All.Time and Space
'This story is the Truth.'

By many, 'the UPLINK' is lauded as being 'the most prophesied event of All.Time'. Is something of such divine significance and great magnitude, something so inconceivably Holy - about to happen to us at Earth, surrounding galaxies and interplanetary inhabitants? What is this unfathomable quest to realize the year 2012? And is there an actual time predicted.

Appearing in endless forms on every horizon; interwoven within numerous aspects of spiritual and religious substance; and sent to us by every great civilization and belief system - all predicting a same event and date . . .

Are we into the Shift already, and will something occur that evolves the planet to meld a new reality peeling off dimensionally into a glorious existence? . . enabling a change of the very substance of all reality and life? And can it mean the final shirking of clandestine inter-dimensional intergalactic government stratagems and unconscious lifeless Earthlings loading down the planet into a propelling demise. Is this the ending of existence as we know it? The end of Time?

Why is it becoming so increasingly essential that so many feature films, television, writings, explorations and depictions are being released now - another '2012' among them. Notwithstanding shoot-'em-up popcorn pictures - there are endless endings to the question of 2012. However, it boils down to choice between planetary extinction and a glorious new existence.

In 1995 I wrote a screenplay UPLINK 2012 - the countdown. It became increasingly clear that it had a story of its own and its own destiny; I waited for its moment: Now, Time has finally sequenced the events for its current appearance into this reality.

Its message belongs to everyone. For me, its urgent dissemination takes precedence over entertainment industry protocols and agents: It's far too important that UPLNIK 2012.the countdown is out to everybody globally immediately - even in screenplay format. So I'm taking the risky chance of teetering on its release this way. Despite my paranoia of human thievery and entertainment protocols - versus my actual ownership and intellectual property rights - I've decided to blast it all over the Internet without an agent. Although we know that nothing can be stolen in the Universe, . .

Conversely, my wish for you is that you keep it closely in your heart and mind as it stirs the very depths of your soul; and to see some truth as the message dispels negative fear manipulations; and that the UPLINK accompanies you into your New Life of Glory and Enlightenment on your way into your own destiny and new reality.

This screenplay released herein chronicles the complex inter-dimensional purpose of the New World Order/ 'The Plan'. It is the epitome of hard core subject matter packed with scientific fact; and lightened by being purposely simplistic, absurd, corny, comical, and spoofing religion and military - igniting a multi-dimensional cognizance of the New World Order: Human DNA evolution, biological controls, reorganization camps, psychically advanced 'abductees', angelic light beings, clandestine government activities, propaganda fear manipulations, mutual collaboration of Intergalactic and Earth governments in the greatest blasphemy on religion and all peoples ever masterminded, THE mind-boggling scheme of All.Time and Space. . . Do our characters find out what's happening? . .

THIS STORY IS THE TRUTH: Riling some who could try to instigate the blocking of its own production, rise above it. Read between the lines. You'll love it or hate it. But you will gain insight into 2012 and into many answers about your own unrealized slavery here; and now your freedom to choose your own reality and to ascend:

Choose the Higher Realms, the Angels, the Light Beings, the Ascension. See you There.

It has taken millions of years to make preparations for what we are now to accomplish in this one lifetime - such is the amazement of GOD’s hand . . . known to us as evolution. - GURU SINGH

Let me know if you are interested in participating in the production.

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