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Dearest Friends,

Welcome to Wesak 2012!

From a Spiritual perspective, Wesak is the highpoint of incoming Spiritual energies into the planet. It is a time of initiation and massive Spiritual growth. So to support and enhance our collective Spiritual growth during this special 2012 portal and time, we have decided to put together a small service program for you.

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We hope you will join us.

Have a wonderful, blessed Wesak everyone!

With love and light,

I AM University

Video: Important Message for Wesak 2012: How to Make a Quantum Leap in 2012

In honor of Wesak, I have created a special video on how we all can make a quantum leap in our evolution and consciousness in 2012. There is lots of information and focus out there on ancient civilizations and prophecies, etc, however, personally, I think that more important than any theoretical or ancient knowledge out there is that we all start doing one very simple thing. If you want to find out what that one simple thing is that is guaranteed to speed up your evolution more than anything else, please watch the video.

To watch the video, please visit:

Video: Divine Inspirations

This video contains a collection of Divine Inspirations we have posted on our Facebook page
The soundtrack, our „I AM A Living God” Mantra, is available at the I AM Tunes.

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Free Meditation: Wesak 2012 Ascension Activation Meditation 

In this specially created Wesak 2012 Meditation, you will be Soul travelling to the beautiful inner plane inter-dimensional Temple of Shamballa to meet with Sanat Kumara and the Cosmic Beings who guide Humanity. These illustrious Beings will be conferring upon you some extraordinary gifts for this Wesak celebration, which include also some gifts from the Holy Spirit.
Experience the glorious energies of the Holy Spirit as your illustrious future in the Golden Age is revealed to you personally. 
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Wesak 2012: Peace Prayer 

Join with us in this beautiful, powerful prayer to assist in creating world peace. Let us all pray as one unified mind and consciousness to bring about a world free from violence, oppression, judgement and conditional love.
Make today and the rest of your life a prayer for peace!
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Free Meditation: Stargate of Mount Shasta Ascension Activation Meditation

Climb aboard an Arcturian spacecraft, in this very powerful and unique Ascension Activation Meditation, to visit a Cosmic inner plane Temple. You will be journeying to the most incredible Stargate and portal for Cosmic multi-dimensional frequencies, which are disseminated from the Cosmos through Mount Shasta. You will meet with an Arcturian guide who will introduce you to an amazing Arcturian Crystal which was used for the amplification of light, time and space in the days of Atlantis. The very potent and intense Ascension Activations that you will receive include a unification between the masculine and feminine energies, Soul travel expansion abilities, the incorporation of the Golden Mean and or Golden Spiral, and the downloading of ancient wisdom, knowledge and advanced intelligence, among others. A meditation space journey you will never forget!

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Spiritual Growth Tip:

If you want to be with GOD in "Heaven", act like God on Earth. It’s not enough just to think about GOD or feel GOD. Demonstrate your Godliness in every moment of your life. This is the key to realizing GOD.
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Earth Prayer

The future of this most amazing and beautiful planet lies in what humanity does now and in what is to come hereafter. As we move into the next Golden Age, our mission is to realize ourselves as one with all life no matter how big or small.

So let us today and ever after pray for a better Earth, a better “Home” to live our lives on. The time is NOW!

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Light Hour 

Light is the essence of our very Souls. We have been created from Light as well as Love. Planet Earth too is a living Light Being. Our purpose here, as incarnated Souls, is to BE the Light and in being the Light we are able to ground it into Mother Earth. 

In this short visualization, we can participate every day in consciously bringing forth the Light from the Cosmos, firstly down into our selves and then into the planet. By doing this Spiritual service for Mother Gaia, we are co-creators in the Divine Plan.

Free Download: 

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THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?

Film Synopsis: THRIVE is an unconventional documentary that lifts the veil on what’s REALLY going on in our world by following the money upstream — uncovering the global consolidation of power in nearly every aspect of our lives.

Weaving together breakthroughs in science, consciousness and activism, THRIVE offers real solutions, empowering us with unprecedented and bold strategies for reclaiming our lives and our future.

To watch this film , please go here:
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