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This article is devoted to women who are having challenges carving out a career for themselves , while burdened with low self confidence, as this had been my journey also having to create a career, with no qualifications, no money, and most of all zero confidence.

Many women as individuals or in the capacity of their business desire one important thing….Confidence.
Imagine how much more you could achieve, what different decisions you could make with that boost of confidence?
Would you let that promotion go by?
What about the dream of running your own business?
What would then be your answer to someone who you know tries to control you?

Here are some tips to help you build your confidence:
1. Every time you find yourself revisiting the past and beating yourself up, write it down and let it go, think no more of it, be very honest with yourself and do write down every time. At the end of 1 week, sit down and look at how much you have been focusing on the past. Then understand one very important point – there is no blame, there is no guilt, there is only experience. It is your choice to remain a victim by living in the past or to learn, grow and evolve from it.

2. Give yourself time to look at your values and I mean your values, not what others are telling you to feel, not what you have been led to believe but how you really feel and believe. Write them down. Next to each write down, what you are going to do to apply these in your day to day experiences?

3. Model yourself on someone great! This is a fun exercise, which shows you that by changing the way you believe and act can have a huge impact on how others see you. So try on the role of someone amazing and have fun with your imagination. Why not record yourself with your phone video? This will help you get used to seeing and hearing you, which is often the greatest challenge when you have no confidence.

4. Check your body language. They say actions speak louder than words, did you know that 93% of all communication is done on a non verbal level! How you move your body has a huge impact on the impression you make to yourself and others. Walk with your head up; shoulders back… YOU ARE IMPORTANT! Believe in yourself.

5. Give Up Worrying. It is scientifically proven, your cells take their signal from your belief system and this becomes the projected perception of your reality. When you worry, you move into low frequency and create the same frequency back in experiences, so compounding the worry. Focus instead on what you love, your desires, see, feel and believe them as if they are already with you. This creates the transmutation of energy in great experiences and opportunities that build your confidence.
Having confidence is the ability to consciously create. Your mind, heart and emotions must be clear of old memories because now…from this moment on…YOU create everything that comes into your experience, there is nothing you cannot be, do or have!*


It takes focus, persistence and a definiteness of purpose in developing confidence and this comes through holding strong to your values, honouring yourself. More important is learning to love who you are, when you open up and move your focus within, away from external conditioning, you tap into powerful energy and your confidence is right there waiting for you!
Self love and self worth are your core foundation; these are the pillars of confidence.

*Extract from my book 21 Steps to Confidence

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