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At 11:23am on March 28, 2019, AKA said…

Carlos how are u ? 

Please stay well i want meet u


At 5:19pm on May 13, 2016, IamAnotherYou said…




...VERY SOON ! :)

At 1:41pm on July 30, 2015, IamAnotherYou said…

...HEY, CARLOS ! :)




In Lak' Ech


At 12:43pm on July 27, 2013, Brotherhood Of Eternal Love said…

Hi Brother Carlos,
BEL is producing this event and would like to invite you to join us Dec 21 2013 at the Coconut Grove Ballroom at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk with Neil Young, Yorma, Bob Weir, Willie Nelson and others to Honour the 2013 Musicians Musician Award to John P. Hammond. Jimi Hendrix Said "John is a Musicians Musician You almost have to be one to dig his genus"

This is a Harmony with Nature Peace On Earth End of the Trail Jam. So many of us are going over the Rainbow Bridge crossing the Great Waters that we would like to share our History
while we are still above ground and breathing .

Thank You, Bobby BEL
831 420 1088
peaceout OM

At 7:34pm on July 21, 2013, Robert "Bob" Campbell said…

Mr. Santana, I am a recent member of AOAND. I visit the site often primarily to get inspirational preparedness from viewing and appreciating the heart and mind-felt performance of Sunlight on Water. If only you know how well I am able to cover it with lyrics of a poem I wrote in 1973 titled "The Reward". Be that as it may, I am under the impression that you might know Nevelton Butler. I am not sure if he is still physically with us but he would know my Family.

If that is the case, my world is becoming smaller, and as God intended. May he continue to bless you while in this realm and continue to reveal your light to many like me through your musical, verbal and emotional gift. 

At 7:33am on July 19, 2013, jb said…

Happy Birthday~Carlos~ 
Thank You~
for touching~~
Our Hearts~

Your Family of friends & fans ~~

At 12:04pm on July 19, 2012, jb said…

Happy Birthday Carlos

From Your Family of Friends & Fans @
Architects of A New Dawn
for: A Lifetime of Memories & Music ~
and: The Beauty & Inspiration ~


At 9:44am on July 13, 2012, jb said…
At 8:41am on February 1, 2012, IamAnotherYou said…



At 3:47pm on July 21, 2011, thomas said…
HEY MY FRIEND looks like you had a great birthday , thanks to the Team santana  pics on your site,, I was very Happy to bump into,,make connaisances With your new wife,, during the Nimes ,concert and then ,the Juan les pins show,,I also had the extreme plaisir to dance at Musilac as well,,, THanks for coming to france again,,, My wife thinks im nuts,, but for me ,,Santana music touches my soul and conects my spirit,,,to  that natural mystic,,,,called LOVE it really is supreme:)) Thanks Again,, now go take care of your beautiful wife,,, Cindys hot!! safe travels,, and keep on keepin on,, meester Santana love t.Gutt
At 7:02pm on July 8, 2011, Lorenzo Abbiati said…

Carlos come here! See you at Perugia next tuesday.

Much Love and respect.

your friend on Aoand, Lorenzo

At 3:56pm on October 29, 2010, thomas said…
hey Carlos,I was blessed to see two Santana concerts in France,, they were as always,, very GREAT!! ,my sister in law just found out she has cancer,, so i jumped on a train and took her to see you and your band,, we had a wonderful time and she felt alot better after your show,, i just wanted to express my Deepest Gratification,, is that a word?? I've been in France too long,, Safe travels mon frere,, and Thanks a gain!! TG
At 3:03am on October 10, 2010, Lorenzo Abbiati said…
Carlos, my longing of being on 19 october in Milan to listen to your music is getting higher and higher.
At 9:46pm on July 9, 2010, Prof. Dr. Ryon Patterson said…
Greetings brother!
At 5:56pm on May 27, 2010, One Slick Witch said…
What's happening Carlos. I missed you on Maui about 6 years ago. Hope to see you again... maybe Star Lake Pa. Love ya man.
At 12:43pm on April 6, 2010, Patricia Summers said…
Dear Carlos,

My name is Patricia Summers and I am writing, not because I am a member of the media nor do I have a website or business involving the media. However, I am a Sister in Spirit and I wish to share a project with you pertaining to our fellow man, woman and planetary host........
To put it simply, the project pertains to the exchange of knowledge between awakened experts in modern society and indigenous nations, ultimately creating a blueprint of a self-sufficient community that could be adapted in any terrain, environment and culture. The ancient practices of agriculture, irrigation, sacred architecture, conservation, etc...are slowly beginning to return. However, at the same time people are losing their sacred lands, heritage and in some cases their very culture and lives for oil, lumber and exploitation of their natural resources due to their vulnerability.
Then we have the mom and pop farmers in the US who have ignorantly turned to producing our nation's food supply with false practices and theories, which they are now admitting were wrong and destructive to not only the environment, but human beings.
To boot we have the GMO's all over the world coming in to save the day with the illusion of food to fill the bellies of the masses. So my question is what do we do as awakened humanity? Those who no longer experience the ostrich syndrome? Well, we come up with an intelligent plan to build on and network together as the Family of Humanity we once were.
There was not enough room to post my letter here so I will post it on my page within your website. I ask if your time permits, to read it and if any of it resonates with your heart and if you have any additional ideas to please contact me. I am reaching out to all that may have the eyes to see and ears to listen.

In Love and Respect......
Divine Blessings to you Carlos,
Thank you,
Patricia Summers
At 12:20pm on March 30, 2010, Debra Rincon Lopez said…

Hi I seen the new trailor for the new Benjamin Bratt movie, "LA MISSION" I can't wait to see this. I like what I have seen so far, and of course it's going to be great. Thanks for adding some music to the mixx, we love it now and forever more. Debrinconcita in Portland Oregon USA.
At 8:50pm on March 25, 2010, Mary Barkett said…
glad to find you on my page...glad to have a page...thanks to you...
At 3:20pm on March 23, 2010, jb said…
Thank "You" Brother
"Appreciate Greatly"..the opportunity to 'be' here !

At 11:41am on March 21, 2010, Celestine Star said…
Hi Carlos,
So good to be a part of the Architects Of A New Dawn. I look forward to being a part of this rich and diverse community.
We have seen each other many times over the years. My daughter went to school with Olie Vilato's daughter so was very close to your band, yet watched from afar. And at times we would see each other in San Anselmo where I had my video business Golden Star Productions,

Am grateful to recent Richard Lukens for bringing me to your community.

Wishing you the blessings of Spring
Celestine Star*


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